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Health Points and Mana Points

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Q: What do HP and Mp stands for in Maple Story?
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In maple story how much hp and mp a swordmen has?

when u first start off as a swordsman.....u get around 450 hp and around 200 mp. its the opposite for the mage though.(Mp is higher than Hp). also the hp starts to double as u get higher of a lvl and get even more higher with the hp emprovment skill.

Who is the most overpowered character in Maple-story?

Probably demon slayer. doesn't use MP but is totally over-powered.

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What does MP and HP stand for in Final Fantasy III?

Magic Points (MP) and Health Points (HP)

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How do you use lucky seven in maple story?

It's a skill used for Thiefs. You need a throwing weapon ( e.x garnier) and throwing stars of any kind make sure you have mp for it

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What hacks are for maple story?

u can search places like google for hacks in maple story. one website for maplestory hacks is This has the hacksGod modespeedy auto clickerinfinite mpfly/glide hackvacuum hackunlimited mesosspeed hack 2.2melee godmodesuper attack speed hackMaple private serverAnd don't hack,U MAY BE BANNED

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How do you get hit points in Kingdom Hearts?

Level up by bashing more Heartless (such as in the Coliseum) to eventually grow your HP gauge unless you're already Lv. 99.To regain HP, defeat Heartless and pick up their HP orbs, stand on a save spot, use a healing item (Hi-Potion), or use magic (Cura). Or, you can wait until a teammate heals you with an item or magic.If you have no MP but wish to use curing magic, use an MP-healing item (Elixir), equip a teammate with an MP-healing item, or equip the ability MP Gift to a teammate like Goofy. MP Gift sacrifices the user's 1 MP to give a teammate 3 MP. In this case, Goofy should probably have a few Ethers, so that you can have way more MP than your MP gauge can contain.

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MP stands for Mara Points. It is the main currency of the site, along with RP (Restock Points) and BP (Baspinar Points).

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What does Freya's ability Six Dragons do?

Six Dragons absorbs HP & MP from two targets.

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'MP' stands for Member of Parliament. They represent everyone in their constituency, even the ones who didn't vote for them. They're based in the House of Commons. SlickG