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Health Points and Mana Points

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Q: What do HP and Mp stands for in Maple Story?
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In maple story how much hp and mp a swordmen has?

when u first start off as a swordsman.....u get around 450 hp and around 200 mp. its the opposite for the mage though.(Mp is higher than Hp). also the hp starts to double as u get higher of a lvl and get even more higher with the hp emprovment skill.

Final Fantasy tactics advance codes action replay?

(M)df1d282051f32a0b8a6883465241a399Inf Clan Fundsd6f34d09797e4fb3Inf All Itemsd6699150127390d52c106e6256e14063aef48ceccf5d172973c344187f394e16Inf All Equipment3d9d4c14cbac27f2c6e7fe1890b808b355e34ca7080650c2f5118fd12f16a43879156b4314497068a870fe4361f00a2b46cf82089e032888ded2b25ab685d20fMax Combat0ef4a9aa858166dfMax Magic1c769423142617e4Max Smithing308dc377179fa8b5Max Craftff864e19eb0f4bd7Max Appraised079ca3a0d5505cdMax Gather188a09f6b9930f70Max Negotiated0d9eb926e71af1fMax Track462aa24524becb85Inf HP Marcheec840f8042c79fe7Max HP Marched4b6d40063b676bbInf MP Marchee24cd1efe2de7727Max MP Marche76f7728cbd9d5dbeMax Level Marche7d086873e9460049Inf JP Marche0a77bc8e5b79a3edMax Stats Marcheb1a0886a6d42556be68492bfa692415bd1aebc221f9b2f7fb2fdd2b8dbed4a5d35bf8736faf7ae05Inf HP Montblanc43d37325297eeb38Max HP Montblancfebb96f0d378f51eInf MP Montblanc18baef1d868ba8bbMax MP Montblanc0e9c08f249529d5bMax Level Montblanc538fa66943b11061Inf JP Montblanc971ef574c468fb24Max Stats 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Touch screen HP cameras?

HP PW460T 12 MP, HP PW460T 12 MP, HP PW 360TB 12 MP and HP PB360 12 MP are touch screen HP cameras. They are well within your budget, going for $100-$150 each.

Who is the most overpowered character in Maple-story?

Probably demon slayer. doesn't use MP but is totally over-powered.

What does MP and HP stand for in Final Fantasy III?

Magic Points (MP) and Health Points (HP)

What does MP after Saipan mean?

MP stands for Marianas Pacific.

What mp stands for?

Member of Parliament

What does MP stands for?

member of parliament == ==

What does mp stand for in government?

MP stands for member of parliment-hope this helps

How do you you get hp on marapets?

there is so such thing as hp but there is three kinds of money bp rp mp no hp.

What is the meaning of mp?

It seems to be a misspelling of "Windows MP," which stands for Windows Media Player.

Can anyone convert some FFXII NTSC codebreaker codes to ARMAX PAL codes?

These are the codes i want converting, they are for maximum potential HP/MP for each character. Vaan HP 2054A110 00000EFF MP 2054A114 00000264 Balthier HP 2054A65C 00000F01 MP 2054A660 0000025B Fran HP 2054A498 00000EFA MP 2054A49C 0000025E Basch HP 2054A820 00000F0C MP 2054A824 00000258 Ashe HP 2054A2D4 00000EF9 MP 2054A2D8 00000265 Penelo HP 2054A9E4 00000EF8 MP 2054A9E8 00000276 My game ID is 0A03 and i have the UK version of FFXII. The mastercode i am currently using is: (M) 5UAX-TGXU-M3FKT AJU4-MYW1-03NBJ If anyone could convert these i would be very grateful!

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