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A- all laundry soap

B- bubbalicious gum

C- Campbell's

D- Dawn dish soap

E- Eggo

F- Fritos

G- Gatorade

H- Hebrew National Hot Dogs

I- Ice

J- Jello sugar-free

K- Kool Aid

L- Lysol

M- M & M's peanut

N- Nilla wafers

O- Oreo's

P- Pez

Q- Q-Tip

R- Reese's

S- Starbusrt

T- Tide laundry soap

U- Uncle Ben's

V- V-8

W- Wisk laundry soap

X- X-tra laundry soap

Y- York Peppermint Patties

Z- Zest

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Q: What do Heidi Cody symbols in American Alphabet mean?
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