Hot Dogs

A hot dog, a sausage served on a sliced bun and topped with condiments, is a popular American dish.

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Hot Dogs

Do hot dogs give you nightmares?

no unless you were thinking about scary things while eating it, or you had a unlucky thing that day, so if its that reason, No.

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Hot Dogs

What is an adjective for hot dog?

unhealthy, tasty, delicious, repulsive

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Hot Dogs

Why were hot dogs invented?

The sausage has been around for thousands of years, but the idea of serving it on a bun seems to be only a little over 100 years old. No need for a plate or utensils. You could eat your 'Coney dog' while walking through the amusement park/

Hot Dogs

Who sings the song for the new Sonic hot dog commercial?

Garrison Starr

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Hot Dogs

Who sings sonic hot dog commercial song?

The jingle is performed by Garrison Starr, a singer-songwriter from Hernando, MS (close to Nashville).

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Hot Dogs

Are hot dogs already cooked when you buy them in the store?

Yes, they are!

Hot Dogs

Who sings new sonic hot dog commercial?

Garrison´╗┐ Starr.

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Hot Dogs

Who sings new jingle for sonics hot dogs?

I think it's Dolly Parton!!

Hot Dogs

Why are some hot dogs bright pink?

Hotdog manufacturers all have proprietary recipes for their products. A common ingredient however is red dye, and most commonly FD&C red 40. The amount of this additive in any product can change the final color from pink to a deep red depending on the amount added.

There are also chemicals that are used to cure meats that turn the meat pink, like salt peter.

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Hot Dogs

What kind of meat is a hot dog made out of?

There are different types of hot dogs. They can be made from beef, pork, chicken turkey or even a mixture of meats.

Hot dogs are essentially a style of preparing sausages with the meat extra refined into a smoother texture (or meat paste).

Sausages and hot dogs can be made from any kind of meat. Even hunted, fished and exotic meats can be used to make sausages and hot dogs though these would not be common to grocery stores you will find specialty shops that can make them using deer meat, buffalo or even fish. And of course if you make them at home, its entirely up to you what goes into them.

The only thing that even defines the difference between a hot dog and a sausage is the refining of the meat used into a paste and just like sausages the variety of meats and ingredients that can be used are virtually limitless.

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Hot Dogs

Who would insure a hot dog business?

Almost any carrier would insure a hot dog stand for liability or property, but only specific carriers will insure mobile food vehicles. Work with your insurance broker to get the coverage you need, they can probably get quotes from multiple carriers.

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Hot Dogs

Are raw hot dogs ok to eat?

That would depend on what you meant by "raw hot dogs". If they are sausages in a jar (known to me as bockwurst sausages) then yes they are, if they are from a butchers or in a packet and if the sausages are squidey and obviously uncooked then no. :)

Hot Dogs

When Jackie's hot dogs stand sells 500 hot dogs it has totally fixed costs of 200 and total variable cost of 400 what are Jackie's hot dogs stand's fixed costs when they sell 1000 hot dogs?

Fixed costs are called fixed for a reason, no matter how many hot dogs Jackie sells, she will still have the $200 of fixed costs. An example of a fixed cost that she can have is a permit for selling food from a stand. If the permit cost $200 she will always have to pay that $200, even if she sold absolutely no hot dogs. Variable costs tend to fluctuate depending on the amount of products she produces.

As for your question, if you haven't thought of an answer this far, Jackie's fixed costs are $200.

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Hot Dogs

Are Best's kosher hot dogs kosher?

Well, they "were". Best's was a division of Sara Lee Corporation, that shut down the division. They didn't even try to sell it off. If you search on line you'll see that many different people thought Best's were one of the best or the best. A loss.

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Hot Dogs

How many hot dogs and hamburgers do I need for 100 people?

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Hot Dogs

Is a hot dog 'Kosher for Passover'?

Only if it is labeled as such.

Hot Dogs

What do you call a hot dog in Chicago?

In Chicago, hotdogs are called "hot dogs."

A hot dog by any other name would still taste as good!

Hot Dogs

How fattening are hot dogs?

Hot dogs are made from (pork, beef, chicken or turkey). Depending on what type of hot dog you have will determine how fattening it is. To begin with, find out how many calories are in the hot dog by looking on the package it came with and dividing that by how many hot dogs it came with. You do this division to determine how many calories are in 1 hot dog. 3500 calories = 1 lb of body weight. However, this equation will not provide you with the most precise answer, because the nutrients of a hot dog cause a whole different scenario to take place regarding your weight. If you are concerned with hot dog causing you to gain weight. Now, that would be a totally different question.

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Hot Dogs

What is accord powder?

sodium phosphate, it is used to keep the color and moisture in meat

Hot Dogs

What is the Swedish word for hot dog?


Hot Dogs

Where was the hot dog first made?

The hot dog was introduced to the United States by German immigrants. It consisted of a frankfurter sausage on a split bun. The name "hot dog" was coined around 1900 by the American cartoonist T.A. Duncan, when he drew talking sausages resembling dachshunds.

Hot Dogs

How much does a normal hot dog cost in New York?

prices change all the time!

Hot Dogs

Do you need a license to operate a hot dog stand?

Yes, you should acquire a board of health vendor license.

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Why are hot dogs called hot dogs if they are not made of dog meat?

The origin of the term 'hot dog' lies in the suggestion that sausages, because of their anonymous nature - finely-minced ingredients which could be anything - did indeed contain dog meat, as well as meat from any other stray, pet, wild, or feral creature sausage-makers could get hold of. Sausage manufacturing is ancient; records go back many centuries and allegations of questionable ethics have probably been leveled at vendors of sausages and other cheap street-foods from the start. The usage of 'dog' in the sense of a sausage is recorded in the US from the 1880s, and is undoubtedly older; it is only one of many derogatory terms used worldwide to describe a suspect sausage.

A Coney Island hot dog stand established in 1916 reportedly aimed to reassure customers of the food's purity by arranging for men in surgeon's scrubs to eat there.

Records of the popularity of fast-food sausages in the US are available from the 1800s. American street food, of course, goes back much further, but the sale of hot sausages by street vendors was reportedly a German-American initiative. The earliest print evidence so far located of the US phrase 'hot dog' was in an 1893 newspaper column, but the term was undoubtedly in use well before then.

There are suggestions the phrase 'hot dog' originated in the US because the German sausage, the Wiener (or, in Austria, the Frankfurter, sausages apparently being blamed on cities elsewhere) was thought to resemble the dachshund, but this is unsubstantiated; certainly the dachshund (Dakel, or, formally, Teckel, in German) is popularly called a sausage dog in English because of its shape, but there's no real indication of a sausage being commonly called a dachshund for the same reason.

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Hot Dogs

What are hot dogs made out of?

Hot dogs are not actually made out of pig snouts or meat scraps left on the floor, which is a very popular belief. They are usually made of a blend of meats, usually chicken, beef, pork, or turkey and then meat fat, oatmeal, bread crumbs, various seasonings, and other ingredients. They are then mushed together and put into hot dog molds. Store bought hot dogs are put into cellulose casings, but homemade are usually made of intestines.


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