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What do Bombay cts like to eat

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Q: What do Himalayan cats like to eat?
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What do fire cats eat?

Himalayan firecats eat meat

Are cats predator?

Himalayan cats are highly domesticated and are not known for being particularly predatory. However, like all cats, most Himalayan cats will hunt birds, rodents, and small reptiles if given the chance to do so.

Are Himalayan cats hypo allergenic?

Himalayan cats are not hypo allergenic. Quite to the contrary, they have very thick, long fur, which needs to be groomed regularly.

What is a Himalayan cat?

Himalayan cats are a cross between Persians and Siamese They are known for dark coloration on their ears, feet, body and tail. This dark coloration is called point. This is why Himalayan cats are often described as being a "lilac point" or a "chocolate point." There is also the cream point, blue point, seal point, lilac tor tie point, blue tor tie point, red lynx point, lilac lynx point, blue tor tie lynx point, and finally; the chocolate lynx point.

Do Himalayan cats have a temper?

Individual cat's temperment will vary, but overall himalayans do not have that much of a temper. My Himalayan is such a sweetie!

What cat fish eat?

All domestic cats like fish.

What is the average weight of Himalayan cats?

7-12 pounds.

What has the author S M Manton written?

S. M. Manton has written: 'Colourpoint longhair and Himalayan cats' -- subject(s): Breeding, Cats, Colorpoint cat, Himalayan cat

What food do Himalayan people eat?

The Himalayan people eat yaks and other kinds of meats.Including deer butt

Where do cats like to eat?

They mostly like to eat in a place where they do not get disturb

Can cats eat peanut butter?

they might like it but its bad for cats to eat peanut butter

Can you do stuff with dogs or cats like eat them?

In China you could eat Dogs but I don't know about cats