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The best thing my girl is to be calm and kindly find a friend soon.

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2009-05-22 14:01:11
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Q: What do I do- I have feelings for my older male best friend?
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How do you say your my best friend in chammoro?

if your best friend is a male its parri if your best friend is a male its parri

How is best friend in Hebrew written?

a male best friend = חבר טוב a female best friend = חברה טובה

Why did you dream that your male friend is angry at you for not calling him?

Your dream expresses your own feelings, not those of your male friend. You are worried that he might be angry with you - that does not tell you whether or not he actually is angry. The best way for you to resolve the issue would be to call him.

Who is Harry Potter's best male friend?

Ron Weasley.

Can a girl be there male dog's best friend?

A dog can be a male or females best friend as im a girl and my dogs a boy and he's my best friend so it can be both male and females best friend. The dog cannot tell whether the human is male or female anyways.

Male skizophrenic friend doesnt want to b with you even though he knows you understand him and except him?

Respect his feelings and let him be. He knows what is best for him and his condition.

Best friend in Latin?

Best friend (male) = Amicus optimusBest friend (female) = Amica optima

What does it mean when a woman confides her bisexual feelings to a male friend?

She is looking for support and is telling a friend a personal trait about herself.

Should you be jealous of your best male friend giving your three year old daughter more attention and affection than you?

No, you shouldn't be jealous of your male best friend giving more attention to your three year old daughter because you are simply friends. It is obvious this man enjoys children. Children also have a time when they go to bed or, you could get a babysitter and go out with your male best friend for the evening. It's apparent you want more than friendship from your male friend so it's time to be honest with yourself and then communicate your feelings to him.

How can you tell if your male best friend loves you?

I don't know but I think its the actions that you can tell that your male best friend loves you! Well it depends to the situation!

I have a best friend and one of my male friends is also a best friend of hers but she will be closer to him than me. What may be the reason. Is she ignoring me?

It is very common for opposite sexes to flirt with each other and they may be flirting as friends or they may have feelings for each other. You should talk to your female friend and ask her how she feels about your male friend and don't be afraid to let her know you often feel ignored and left out. They are not ignoring you or leaving you out on purpose so this is all the more reason you should communicate your feelings to one or both of your friends.

How do i get with my male friend I'm older than him?

If you are really meant to be with your male friend your age should not matter to him. Some males have preferences where they like younger or older females and if he doesn't like you because of your age, find someone else.

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