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If the mother cat of kittens is still milking, and the kittens are under eight weeks, then you should let the kittens milk as much as they want. Depending on their age and weight, you should gradually give them more of your own water and semi-wet/dry food until they start coming to you and not 'meowmy' for food. Then they should feed completely on a human-provided diet.

If the kittens mother is still milking and the kittens are ready to move on from mom, then you should try taking the kittens away from their parent for gradual time increases.

For example:

day 1, 10 minutes

day 2, 20 minutes

day 3, 30 minutes

day 4, 1 hrs

day 5, 2 hrs

day 6, 4 hrs

day 7, 6 hrs

day 8, 9 hrs

day 9, 12 hrs

day 10, 18 hrs

day 11, 24 hrs

Hope this helps & good luck!

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What is the name of a mother cat milking her kits?

Nursing! Has your cat every started massaging you and using there claws at the same time? That is because that is what they do to there mother to got the milk out quicker other than sucking. Anyways this is called needing

How do you milk a cat?

by pulling on its nipples. (very similar to milking a cow)

What is the relationship cat mother daughter ki that daughter mother cat then mother daughter cat mother then cat that mother daughter cat?

This question is inconclusive it has no correlation or form of obtaining an answer.

Is the invention of the milking machine still being used?

yes, it is still being used

Should a mother cat still be bleeding and leaking 24 hours after she had her first kitten?

No, this is very serious bring your cat to the vet

How do you give cat milk?

Such a gift. Milking cats may be less of a challenge than herding them.

Will the mother cat scratch you if she sees you touching or getting to close to her babies?

depends on the personality of the cat, some yes some no. but i would still try

How long can you leave a milking cow without milking it and then restart the milking She is with the bull at the moment but we would still like to milk her when she comes home?

This will depend on how much milk she is still producing once she comes home. If her udder is still looking full you may be able to start milking her again. Keep in mind that she might have mastitis, treat it as you normally, and begin milking her. It is probably a good idea to see if she does have mastitis either way, if she does treat it and dry her off if she is not able to milk. A month should not be too harmful to her, if she was producing milk before hand, however, anywhere longer than that you might not be able to begin the milking process.

Why is the Mother cat acting strange after giving birth?

There are a few reasons why the mother cat could be acting strange after giving birth. The mother cats hormones are not the same as before she was pregnant, she could still be trying to figure out how to care for her brood, or she could have an infection.

Can a mother cat understand what its baby is saying?

Cat vocalizations are not like human speech, they don't actually have words that they use to express themselves. However, cat vocalizations are still very expressive. So while the cats aren't actually speaking the way you and I think of it, the mother cat will still respond to her kittens. The cat has a wide-range of tonal variations that it can use to express itself, and other cats will respond to those variations.

Could it be proven that cats have nine lives?

DO NOT TRY THIS THE CAT WILL CERTAINLY DIE. shoot the cat. if still alive drown the cat. if still alive then hang the cat. if still alive crucify the cat. if still alive then electrocute the cat. if still alive then choke the cat. if still alive then poison the cat cut its throat if still alive then cut its head off... if its still alive then it aint a cat. DO NOT TRY THIS THE CAT WILL CERTAINLY DIE

What is the name of a mother cat nursing kittens?

A mother cat nursing kittens is known as a "queen".

What to do if a kitten is stuck in a mother cat?

If a kitten is stuck in a mother cat, get her to a vet or an emergency animal hospital immediately. Aside from the pain she is in, if the kitten is not removed the mother cat will die.

What is it called when someone's milking cows?

"It's milking time" or "they're milking cows."

Why is a cat's belly still fat after it gives birth?

After a cat gives birth the mother will experience some of the same body changes as a person would. A belly on a mother cat may still be fat until she loses the extra stored weight needed to protect the kittens while in her body, and for making milk for the kittens after their birth. Another reason a mother cat may have an appearance of a fat belly could be due to swelling.

Is Wisconsin going to ran out of dairy products?

NO, as long as the dairy cows are still milking the would still be dairy products.

How many different ways of milking a cow are there?

Just two: hand milking and machine milking

Is milking horses cruel?

Milking a horse is no crueler than milking a cow. In other words, no.

Will a mother cat feed a kitten that is not her own?

Yes. But this only happens if the mother cat is very accepting.

What do you do if your guinea pig babies are not drinking milk from their mum?

you could bottle feed the guinea pigs by "milking" the mother!!

How long does a mother cat cry when kitten taken away from her?

When kittens are old enough to leave their mother or pass away, the mother cat will cry and mourn her loss. The mother cat will cry for her baby for approximately one week.

What ever happened to bob smith of the rock group cat mother?

After living around Mendocino for many years, still playing with Cat Mother and other bands after CM broke up, he died in San Francisco on 21 March 1991

What is the name of a mother cat?

A female cat is called a queen.

What if your cat mother is a Persian but your cat is not a Persian?

then the father is not a Persian

Can the male cat be with the female cat who has kittens?

Yes, provided the mother cat tolerates the male cat and they are supervised at all times. Never leave another cat that isn't the mother alone with the kittens on their own.

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