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I'm studying assisting in's also aged care. =)

i really enjoy helping people, and doing their temperature, pulse, respiration etc..

you learn about the body structure, and problems with old people, and what they need help with...

well, if you want to become an enrolled nurse, you have to be good at maths and english.

type in nursing in google and you'll find more info..

also you need patience with the elderly.

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What do you need in maths to become a nurse?

well to become a nurse you need to know mostly everything in maths because higher maths is important to do any kind of job (nurse too)

What do you need to become a veterinary nurse?

you need to know a lot of biolagy

Why does a nurse need a science background?

You need to have a good science background to become a nurse because just like a doctor a nurse needs to know what is wrong with their patient.

Do you need medical school to be a nurse?

yes you do. if you want to be a nurse you need to know if the person you are helping is really sick or just has a cold

What does being a nurse have to do with math?

Being a nurse means that you will need to make changes in medications that require math. Sometimes medications are mixed with saline or water and you will need to find the percentage of medication in the saline.

What education does a nurse need?

a nurse need to be a nurse

Responsibility's of a nurse?

Nurses need to know how to write in full sentences.

How does being a nurse relate to math?

you need to give medications and that requires math.

Can you see a doctor when you need to without fear of being fired by your job?


How does someone become a Nurse?

You'll need a Bachelor's Degree before becoming a Nurse. And bring the required paperwork and documents to your local Agency office to find out all you need to know about getting a job as a Nurse.

What does science have to do with with nursing?

well if you want to become a nurse you need to take science because you need to know how the body works and how each cells works inside the body as a nurse at a hostpial you need to know this to check patients for any affected diesase .

Do you need to know prefixes and suffixes to be a nurse?

I fear for you, and the offspring you may produce.

Why does a school nurse need to be kind?

they dont have to if ur being a dick to them.. 8=====D

Why is population important to know?

population is important to know because it gives us estimates on how many and how much of things we need. it is also important because we need to know how fast the world is growing. population is important to know because it gives us estimates on how many and how much of things we need. it is also important because we need to know how fast the world is growing.

What do you have to do to accomplish being a nurse?

A person who wants to be a nurse will need to go to college and take nursing classes. A nursing student will also take clinicals and have on the job training before becoming a nurse.

What Science qualities do you need to be a dental nurse?

There is no such thing as a dental nurse. A nurse can work in an orthodontist office, but dental techs are the "dental nurses" you speak of. There is such a thing as a dental nurse, but the correct term is dental assistant. A dental Tech is something completely different. (A tech works in a lab and makes appliances and false teeth etc) You do not need any special qualifications to be a dental nurse but it is handy to know biology. Everything you need to know will be covered in the course.

Why is it important for a meteorologist to know about the air pressure?

it is important because they need to know what their talking about.

What are 2 things you will need to over come being a nurse?

be calm and never give up

Why is Zendaya so important?

She isn't important. She's an actress. Being a celebrity does not make a person more important than others.An important person is a nurse, a doctor, police officer, firefighter, soldier and so on. An important person is someone we rely on to keep us safe and help us when we need help. Zendaya is not that person. She is not important.

What are three things that people don't know about being a nurse?

People don't know about being anurse is that some nurses 1.stay all night 2. If a docter isn't there at the moment the nurse can take charge3. we need go nurses so you must be a kind, loving person but some people don't have kind and loving heart that's why we don't have very good nurses.

What is the long term out look for a registered nurse I need to know this as soon as possible?

Greatly needed!!

What skills do you need as a pediatric nurse?

"What physical traits do i need for a pediatric nurse?"

Do you know where I can get a legal nurse consultant certification?

There are many legal nurse consultant certification available in the internet. Check out for the information's you need. They will provide it for you.

What contribution can you make to this hospital as a nurse?

The hospital wants to know what types of things you will be helping them with. If you are good with children, you need to let them know.

How does the role of the nurse correlate to planning and providing evidenced based nursing care?

You will need a nurse to provide the care. It is important that they keep track of everything for this kind of care to work.

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