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They plan how they will divert suspicion onto the grooms.

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When Macbeth agrees to murder the king he and the lady Macbeth plan that?

Apex- Lady Macbeth will make sure the Garda are drugged, allowing Macbeth to sneak in and stab the king to death.

Where is Macbeth going when he sees the bloody dagger?

Once Macbeth agrees to murder the King he and Lady Macbeth plan that

Do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plan to murder the King?

yes but it is lady macbeths idea and she persuades her husband

Who does lady Macbeth say king Duncan looks like?

Lady Macbeth says king Duncan resembles her father, so she encourages macbeth to murder him.

What did lady Macbeth scheme to do to the King?

She schemed with her husband Macbeth to murder the King so that her husband could replace him.

Who is responsible for king duncans murder?

Macbeth, yet guards were framed and Lady Macbeth was the plotter!

How does lady Macbeth affect Macbeths actions?

Lady Macbeth effects Macbeth's actions by pushing him towards the murder. Initially, Macbeth was unsure of what he wanted to do. He stated that if he was meant to become king, it would happen naturally. Lady Macbeth caused him to change his mind and planned the murder of King Duncan.

Whom do you blame for the murder of King Duncan- Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?

king Macbeth because he was very weak to say no to his wife....weakness is faith

Why mcbeth finally agrees to kill king duncan?

Lady Macbeth could be very persuasive. She suggests on the one hand that he would not be very manly if he did not do the murder, and on the other that they are unlikely to be suspected.

What can be inferred regarding the murder of King Duncan?

Macbeth seems satisfied to let lady Macbeth handle the responsibility

How do Macbeth and lady Macbeth plan to murder the king?

Lady Macbeth is going to make sure his grooms (who sleep in the same room) have passed out, then Macbeth will go in to his bedroom and stab him with the grooms' daggers.

Why didn't Lady Macbeth murder King Duncan?

because he had a resemblance to her own father

Why did Lady Macbeth and Macbeth fight?

They fight in Act I, sc 7 because Macbeth decides to back down from killing Duncan. Lady Macbeth challenges him in two speeches, where she questions his manhood, until he finally agrees to kill the King again.

What plan does lady Macbeth propose to Macbeth?

The plan that lady Macbeth proposes to Macbeth is to kill king Duncan, so Macbeth can be king and so that Lady Macbeth can be queen.

How is lady Macbeth guilty for king Duncan's murder?

because she was the one to poison macbeth's mind against the king.

What is lady Macbeth's role I am Macbeth's decision to murder the king?

She tells him that he has to die so MacBeth can become king.

What physical part does lady Macbeth play in duncans murder?

She doesn't play any part in the murder of King Duncan.

Why did Lady Macbeth and Macbeth get a way with muder?

They got away with murder because Lady Macbeth (Macbeth's wife) planted the daggers onto the guards to make it look like they had murdered the king.

Macbeth thinks he can murder the king under what three conditions?

He doent want to murder the king but he said if it were to be done it would be done quickly. Lady Macbeth tells him if he keeps a straight face they will get away with it.

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