What do Malaysian men wear?

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They basically wares casual wears like shirts, jackets etc.

Why men like to wear panties?

What the hell is wrong with you? Nothing!. Your penis is an "erogenous zone", which is a fancy way of saying that when it's stimulated, you get turned on. Most of us have lots of erogenous zones -- that's why kissing feels good -- and different kinds of stimulation turn them on. So the simple answe ( Full Answer )

Can men wear bras?

Yes, but I would'nt recommend it, you may get bullied. But if you want to go down that route, I would suggest going to Ann Summers, they have a nice selection of thongs there, I'm sure you'll love it.

Why do men wear thongs?

Answer if you have ever seen john tucker must die you would know! basketball players have been wearing them because its easier to move in them! also most men feel its like a nice little sack like hammock to help your best friend relax! (eeeeeeeeeeeeew) oh and also they breathe better! ok the be ( Full Answer )

Can men wear high heels?

Yes, men wear high heels too. Mostly in boots etc and they are thicker than in women's pumps. Some men wear shoes with thin heels too.

What are the benefits of men wearing thong?

Answer . The Benefits are Comfort. . Increasing package size(not really the size just it looks bigger) . girls think theyre hot . you can express yourself too. . Well, the thing is if a man is wearing a mans thong or a womans thong, you may get different reactions. I have tried both and perfer ( Full Answer )

Should men wear earrings?

One Opinion: No, men should have smooth earlobes (women prefer that), not glorified zits in their ears. All it represents is them giving up their individuality for the sake of getting a woman. (Women also prefer guys who have minds of their own and can express themselves in more ways than appearan ( Full Answer )

What did Egyptian men wear?

Men of the working classes wore a loincloth or short kilt and sometimes a type of shirt.

What did viking men wear?

For war, thick leather, armour, helmets WITHOUT horns, with a slit for the eyes. They also wore cotton tunics dyed with berries, wearing their hair in long plaits. I am not the greatest authority at this so sorry.

What do Egyptian men wear today?

Some Egyptian men still wear the long robes but not all. Mentypically wear clothing that goes past their knees and covers theirarms down to the elbow.

What did men wear in the 1920s?

Men's fashion changed drastically after World War I. It became lessformal. Men began to wear wide-legged trousers. Suits were made oflighter fabric and brighter colors. Suits were common place for theworkplace and bow ties and knit ties were popular. White trousersand plaid sweaters became popular c ( Full Answer )

What do French men wear?

Most Frenchmen dress like typical Europeans, which means that theydress more stylishly than US Americans, but with the same types ofclothes: button-down shirts, nicely cut jeans, belts, andwell-designed shoes. There is, of course, the stereotypical Frenchman (as portrayed inthe US) in a beret with ( Full Answer )

What type of underwear do men wear?

If your straight... then wear boxer briefs or boxers If your romantic... wear thongs If your gay...google "sexy underwear" If your like me... wear boxer briefs BOXER BRIEFS

What kind of underwear do men wear?

There are a few types of mens' underwear: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/466604 Boxer shorts (boxers) - small, fairly fitting shorts. They come in both loose and tightfits Y-fronts - traditional shaped underpants with a Y shaped bit at the front which allows a guy to get his todger out with ( Full Answer )

Men wearing nail polish?

Yes, in fact it is becoming a more accepted style for men that has actually been emerging over the last few years. Consider it the new "earring" for men. It is a means or reason for men to take better care of their feet (most men don't) and women have found that suggesting to their guy to try it is ( Full Answer )

What do men wear?

look around you. What ever they few comfortable in, and most of the time, what culture dictates. I for one, about 40% of the men do so, wear panties as more comfortable and women jeans since they fit better and nicer looking than a man wearing a potato sack, which are called pants. It is a culture i ( Full Answer )

Do gay men wear insignia?

Yes. It is a button worn on the top, left shoulder, looking slightly like the batman sign but gayer.

Why do black men wear earrings?

For the same reason white men wear earings, to improve their chances of getting girls or so they think but girls prefer guys to be their own men. However due to so many black celebs wearing them chances are a lot are just mimicking their role models.

Men wearing flip flops?

Men can wear flip flops but usually don't wear them as much as women do as representing and making one sexy is not considered a part of the genderType your answer here...

Why do men wear kilts?

Mens kilts is a knee-length garment worn by many men mostly in the Scottish and Irish regions. It has been widely used nowadays, as their tribute to there history. Kings and elite in 16th century used to wear kilts as a sign of their reputation in the country. You can check this website for more det ( Full Answer )

Do men wear leotards in gymnastics?

yes. They wear leotards in gymnastics, but they also were shorts in some of the events. They wear long tights in other events. hope I helped!

What do men wear on their heads in Muslim?

No requirement per Islam religion for men to wear any thing on their heads. However, religious leaders may cover their heads with what is symbolizing their religious status (Called Imamah or Turban). Refer to question below for more information.

Why do men wear kippah?

Jewish males cover their heads with a kippa and/or a hat, as areminder of the presence of God. This practice is twice mentionedemphatically in the Talmud (Shabbat 156b; Kallah 1:16), instatements dating back 1700 and 1850 years, respectively. Eventhen, covering one's head is spoken of as an establis ( Full Answer )

Why do Muslim men wear galabiyas?

It is not Islamic religion requirement for Muslims to wear galabiyas. It is cultural clothing for some countries.

What were the clothes that the Egyptian men wear?

For thousands of years men of all classes wore a simple kilt called a schenti made from linen and tied at the waist with a belt. Wealth was usually displayed by a wig and jewellery. In the New Kingdom things began to change as clothing worn by both wealthy men and women became wore elaborate. Well-t ( Full Answer )

What did the middle age men wear?

It depends which level in society you were. Good fella your missing alot of things for the record like how they wore wolly pants and wolly coats by Zoetiane

Why do just the men wear a Kippah?

Jewish males cover their heads with a kippa and/or a hat, as areminder of the presence of God. The Yiddish word for kippah,"yarmulkah," is a contraction of the Aramaic "yerei malkah": to beaware of the King. Women are seen as less tempted by sin as are men. Note that Jewish married women traditional ( Full Answer )

Do indian men wear underwear?

It is not clear if you are asking about men in the Indian sub-continent or native American men (and if so, which particular cultural group) - or even if you mean today or in the past. If your question was meant to ask " Did native American men in North America wear underwear?", the answer is no. ( Full Answer )

When do Jewish men wear yarmulkes?

Most Orthodox (and some non-orthodox) men wear them all the time. others wear them only in the synagogue, the home, and anywhere a Jewish event is being held. (note: not ALL Jewish men who identify as Orthodox wear a yarmulka all the time, though the majority do).

Did men wear shorts in the 1950s?

Not unless he were playing basketball or tennis. At least in my part of the country which is the midwest. It's possible that just maybe men would wear shorts in a place like California or Arizona, but because of the styles of the time, its doubtful.

Why did highway men wear masks?

Highwaymen wore masks because they didn't want people to recognise their faces. And the police was looking for them

What shoes do fat men wear?

Fresh crepe on a monday, coverse and ting on the Tuesday, max's on the wed, lonsdale on the Thursday alieee, flip diddy flop Friday tings and leave the skechers on the weekend safe

Do Pakistan men wear underwear?

My friend Matthew never wears a belt to school and his pants get abit lowered. He wears Calvin Klein boxer briefs like me. One day inthe bathroom I said Matthew your pants are falling down I can seeur underwear and he said its ok its Calvin Klein, everyone hascalvin klein. Then I said maybe tomorrow ( Full Answer )

Why do the men wear beards in Islam?

as muslim women have physical hijab (the headscarf), so do the men (keeping of their beards). Hijab is compulsory on both genders, but the individual chooses when he/she wears it. No one can be forced. Hijab is worn in order to please Allah (God), and to guide their modesty and preserve themselves f ( Full Answer )

Do real men wear slippers?

Of course they do. A real man will put on his slippers as soon ashe gets home. And he won't be bothered what other men think aboutit.

Is blue for men or women to wear?

blue can be very stylish for both men and women! Blue is gender neutral for most but is a traditional "boy" baby color if that's what you mean.

Why men not wear insignia of marriage?

The wedding ring or wedding band can be a hazard for some occupations such as mechanical engineering where the insignia can get caught and cause serious injury to the finger, to the extent that the finger is amputated. Another hazard is the metal of the ring can react with certain gases while weldin ( Full Answer )

Did Navajo men wear boots?

Cowboy boots are very popular on the Navajo Nation and have been for a long time. In the past they wore moccasins called kéłchí .

What do men wear to a formal lunch?

For the top, some type of button-up or collared shirt would be best. A T-shirt would be too casual and a suit would be too formal. If this lunch is really formal, a suit might be appropriate. As for the bottoms, it depends on the level of formality. In some cases jeans are acceptable, but to be sa ( Full Answer )

Why do men wear kippahs for passover?

It is a sign of the Jewish religion; a sign of respect. ReligiousJewish men wear them year-round; it is not specific to Passover inany way. Jewish males cover their heads with a kippa and/or a hat, as areminder of the presence of God. This practice is twice mentionedemphatically in the Talmud (Shabb ( Full Answer )

What is the scarf that Jewish men wear?

It is called a tallit and it has its origins in the Torah when God commands the Jewish people to put fringes on the corners of a four cornered garment.

What did native men and women wear?

Cherokee men wore breechcloths and leggings. Cherokee women wore wraparound skirts and poncho-style blouses made out of woven fiber or deerskin. The Cherokees wore moccasins on their feet. After colonization, Cherokee Indians adapted European costume into a characteristic style, including long braid ( Full Answer )

Do jewish men have to wear a kippah?

According to Jewish tradition, they should, yes. Jewish males covertheir heads with a kippa and/or a hat, as a reminder of thepresence of God. This practice is twice mentioned emphatically inthe Talmud (Shabbat 156b; Kallah 1:16), in statements dating back1700 and 1850 years, respectively. Even then ( Full Answer )

What did American pioneer men wear?

The men wore long sleeved shirts buttoned all the way up to the neck. Full pants rolled up to the knee and high knee stockings to represent their knickers.

Can men wear a bra in public?

Men and women can wear anything they want. I wear a lacy, underwirebra everyday, everywhere I go. I don't need one, and I can't fillthe cups, but I love looking inside my shirt durning the day, andseeing the pretty lace peeking up at me! My wife loves it too. Yes,I wear panties everyday also!

What do men wear in summer?

At home they usually wear a t shirt or no shirt and boxers Out side, any thing that helps them keep cool.

What to wear with khaki pants for men?

You can wear alot.... Really depends on what look you are going for.... If you are looking for a dressy look you can wear a button down shirt and a tie, maybe a sport coat( be careful not to look to 80's)... More casual you can wear a button down shirt and a tee- shirt underneath and leave buttons o ( Full Answer )

Why do men want to wear pantyhose?

Pantyhose have always been very typical womens clothing although today less women wear it. So if you want to dress like a woman you would probably go for the most typical type of clothing. Others like the way it feels against their skin. Often, it can be hard to find underwear/lingerie made out of s ( Full Answer )