What do Punjabi mostly do?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Punjabi's live normally like everyone else. They have there own cultures and traditions though. The wives usually don't work in Punjab but the women abroad do work. The Punjabi females in Punjab mostly do housework and look after the kids. Men do the working to get money, they have more bigger houses in Punjab though. Most of the houses are quite big. There lives are mostly like the surrounding community but just have a different point of view in life. Kabaddi is their primary game, Bhangra and Giddha is the main dance, Punjabi music and movies are most favorable, Punjabi food is the eaten more frequent , 1984 and current situation of Punjab is the most touching subject.

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Well You Waanna Know Whhaaat Punjabi's Do Most I Just Came Back From India It Was A BLAAAST(: . Wheen I Weent Everyone Draank Chai ALOOT And Sit Outside ( Because It Was FRRIICKIN Hoot.) Well Thaat's All I Goot .

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Q: What do Punjabi mostly do?
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What country speaks mostly Punjabi?

Punjabi is mostly spoken in the Punjab region, which is divided between India and Pakistan. In India, the state of Punjab predominantly speaks Punjabi, while in Pakistan, the Punjab province is where Punjabi is mostly spoken.

What does fuddi mean in Punjabi?

It’s a way of saying hello in Punjabi I recommend saying it to PunjabI people mostly elders

How do you say you are boring me in Punjabi?

To say boring in punjabi you must say vadda boring insaan haiga. That is how we say this. punjabis mostly use this means.

How do you say television in Punjabi?

tv is how it is said to be in punjabi. Mostly punjabis call the television as tv. They use this word more often than full form.

Folk Punjabi singer jagmohankaur?

She was a well known singer .... mostly sang with K Deep .

Where do Punjabi people live?

People mostly live in India cause that is the main place where most of the Indians live!

Where do most Punjabi people live?

People mostly live in India cause that is the main place where most of the Indians live!

What is the meaning of host in Punjabi?

There are mutliple words using in Punjabi but the mostly there are three words used and here they are. 1. Mezban 2. Udeekan Haar 3. Khatirdaar Thanx Aziz Khan +92 0321 4942054

What is 'me' in Punjabi?

'Me' in Punjabi is translated as 'ਮੈਨੂੰ' (mainu).

What is jaz dhamis religon?

Punjabi .i am also Punjabi and when Punjabi people walk you can notice them yeah go Punjabi and Sikh .we love our home llanguage Punjabi and were Sikh

How do you say forever in Punjabi?

Forever in Punjabi is 'Hameshah Layee' in Punjabi it is ਹਮੇਸ਼ਾ ਲਈ

Is avinash sachdev a Punjabi?

yes..sachdev surname is punjabi.....hes jatt...punjabi.