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Q: What do a husky do?
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Is husky spelled huskie or husky?

husky. huskies is plural, and husky is right

What is the fastest husky?

The Siberian husky is the fastest husky

Tiban mastic vs husky?


How do you spell sibarian husky?

Siberian Husky

How do you say husky in Hawaiian?

husky = momona

What is a female husky called?

Female husky.

What does husky mean?

The 2 that i know of is husky as in raspy voice and then there is husky as in the beutiful breed of dog!

How many husky breeds are there?

1. There is only one breed of husky and it's the Siberian Husky.

Who hunts the husky?

most animals who are much bigger than the husky often hunts the husky

What is the birth name of Ferlin Husky?

Ferlin Husky's birth name is Ferlin Eugene Husky.

Who would win a husky or a bobcat?

The situation depends on the husky's owner and the husky's skills. The husky could have a chance to win such a fight since the husky can even kill coyotes or attack a deer. Even if the bobcat has very small claws, the husky's larger jaw would kill the bobcat.

Who is faster and stronger - a husky or a great dane?


How fast is a Husky?

The Top Speed Of A Husky Is 75mph

They pull the sled?

Siberian Husky or Alaskan Husky

What is the Siberian husky common name?

it is husky lushe

Does a Siberian husky hibernate?

No,a Siberian husky does not hibernate

Who would win a fight a rottweiler or a husky?


How many different types of huskies are there?

There is the Siberian husky.. The Alaskan husky..which is a mutt... And the Mackenzie river husky

What is a sentence for the word husky?

The husky breed of dog is very cute.I would love to have a husky someday.The weather feels husky today.

Is an Alaskan husky good with kids?

well an Alaskan husky is different breeds together so its a husky and another breed so it depends. I had an Alaskan husky it was a husky and a German Shepherd dog and it was really good with my kids

Who would win a fight a police dog or a husky?

The husky. A husky is stronger and wider than a police dog when the husky has wider jaws plus bigger size. If the police dog is aggressive, then the husky would be injured.

What is the difference between a Siberian Husky and an English Husky?

there isn't a English husky, there just Siberian huskys in England.

How do the adults husky look different from the baby husky?

its bigger.

When was Hillman Husky created?

Hillman Husky was created in 1954.

When was Husky Rescue created?

Husky Rescue was created in 2002.