What do afghan women do daily?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What do afghan women do daily?
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When was Afghan Women's Network created?

Afghan Women's Network was created in 1996.

What are the liberties which Afghan women now enjoy?

While there are not very many liberties Afghan women can enjoy, there are a few. These include more access to jobs, better education, and freedom in the public.

Can Muslim malaysian women marry an afghan man?

Yes it is permissible as long as the afghan himself is a muslim.a muslim malay women cannot marry a non muslim. I my self am an afghan and i am married to a malay woman. it is very difficult but it is doable and may need a lot of patience!!.

Which of the following best describes the traditional role of afghan women?

within the family, women carry significant responsibility and influence

Which of the following BEST describes the traditional role of the Afghan women?

Within the family, women carry significant responsibility and influence.

Do afghan men marry black women?

They can, but afghan men are very honorable and believe that their wives depict them in terms of how she carries herself. So what are you saying, Black women cannot carry themselves well or be honourable? Sounds like a racist comment to me.

When was Women's Wear Daily created?

Women's Wear Daily was created in 1910.

In what year and month did Taliban force Hindu women to veil their faces as other Afghan women do?

In 1776 april don't eat cats

Can afghans marry someone else beside afghan?

Afghans and afghanistanis are not from out side of this world, and there is no law to prohibit marriage with afghan. I know afghan who has married very high class man and women in west and east, marriage beside already having a wife there is a law which in certain condition you can marry another wife, but for women it is not allow to marry in same time more then one,

Do afghan bury women after their death?

Yes, all Muslims bury their dead (whether male or female).

What kind of clothes do the afghan women have to wear?

ankle-length dress' and long sleeved afghans with a head wrap.

Are Afghan women allowed to drive?

Yes, women are allowed to drive in Afghanistan. However, most don't as cars are rather expensive and only the wealthy drive in Afghanistan.