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They sell supplemental insurance to core company medical and dental plans. Can be specific plans for cancer or Accidental Dismemberment and Disability, Short or Longterm Disability as examples.

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I'm an Aflac agent and I LOVE the company. They are honest, quick to pay claims, and offer financial protection for many, many people.

AFL is the ticker for aflac.

Aflac Building was created in 1975.

In 2000 AFLAC began a television-advertising campaign featuring the AFLAC duck.

The Aflac duck is a pekin duck.

AFLAC! You say it in a really high pitch voice.

Is tubal ligation cover as an aflac benifit

Not a reasonable question. AFLAC is an insurance company.

AFLAC is licensed to sell in every state.

Only if you are insured by AFLAC.

The symbol for Aflac Incorporated in the NYSE is: AFL.

The ticker symbol for Aflac is AFL and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Aflac stands for: American Family Life Assurance Company

It used to be Gilbert Gottfried but he was fired in 2011. Dan McKeague is now the voice for Aflac.

Aflac pays 2X as much in claims as in administrative costs.

A better way to frame that would be 'Whom does Aflac insure?" Aflac insures people. It is supplemental health insurance, although they also sell disability, which is a form of income insurance.

As of July 2014, the market cap for Aflac Incorporated (AFL) is $29,033,428,413.27.

Aflac is very comparable with other insurances. Alfac, Geico and Progressive are the leaders in car, home and life insurances. Aflac also provides motorcycle insurance.

AFLAC is a supplemental insurance that pays for certain events in your medical life. Call the representative.

transamerica life settlement has a form for former cancer policyholders. Are you the same as aflac insurance?

The capital one goat is an Alpine goat and the Aflac goat is a Nubian.

AFLAC offers supplemental life insurance policies to individuals in an amount that suits the individual's needs. AFLAC is also offered to businesses so they, in turn, can offer it to their employees.

An Aflac Associate is an independent insurance producer, contracted with Aflac to sell their products. Income varies greatly according to how long you have worked, since insurance is something people usually renew year after year. Most first year associates who work consistently full time will earn from $35-$65K, although certainly it is possible to earn more or less. Successful agents who don't quit will earn well over six figures after a few year's time.