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Archaeologists date civilized history of ancient Egypt as far back as 3100 BC BCE. At this point they have found the evidence of an Egyptian ruler named Narmer. With this in mind, it then becomes clear that before there were relics of an ancient empire beginning, it means that pre-empire Egyptian history goes back much further in time.

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The history of egypt began when?

It began around 3500 B.C.

How and when did Women in History begin?

When people began writing about women. Probably in Egypt or Mesopotamia.

What is the history of furniture polish?

the furniture polish began from the ancient egypt they made it from honey the first commercial polish began in the market in 1958

What did Cleopatra do from 51 BC to 30 BC?

She ruled Egypt! She began to rule when she was 18. It was the greatest rule in history!

Where did slavery originate?

History shows that slavery began in Africa (particularly Egypt), China, and the ancient Aztec civilization.

Why is twenty-fifth dynasty significant in the history of Egypt?

The twenty-fifth dynasty was significant in history of Egypt because after Piankhi died, his brother Shabaka took control of the kingdom. Then he declared himself a pharaoh (this declaration began the twenty-fifth, or Kushite, Dynasty in Egypt)

How opera history began?

Opera history began with the meetings of the Florentine Camerata.

Was ancient Egypt before ancient Greece?

Yes. Ancient Egypt (dynastic Egypt) began in approx. 3000 BC. Ancient Greece began in approx. 800 BC.

When did Islam invade Egypt?

The Islamic Conquest of Egypt began in 638 C.E.

Where in southwest Asia did Christianity begin?

AnswerMost people believe that Christianity began with the mission of Jesus of Nazareth, in the Palestinian provinces of Galilee and Judea. A minority view is that Christianity actually began in Syria, or even Egypt.

On what continent do scientists believe that mankind began?

Anthropologists believe that mankind began in Africa.

When did Ancient Egypt began?

3200 BC.

When was embalming invented and who by?

Embalming began in Egypt.

Settled farming communities began to appear in Egypt Nubia by around?

Settled farming communities began to develop in Egypt and Nubia around 5000 B.C.

How did the Passover festival begin?

It began with the exodus from Egypt.

When did ancient Egypt first began?

2000 bc

How did ancient Egypt rise?

It began to rise when Upper Egypt started to combine their Civ. with the Lower Egpyt.

When did egypt start speaking arabic?

Egypt began to speak Arabic when the Arab Muslims conquered Egypt in 640 C.E. from its Byzantine overlords.

What was Ancient Egypt concentrated along?

Throughout history, civilization in Egypt has been concentrated around the fertile Nile river. The earliest settlements alongside the nile river began during the stone age period and the population of Egypt is still concentrated alongside the Nile river and the Nile river delta.

Who began to keep records in the third dynasty?

Manetho began keeping records in the third dynasty of Egypt

When did Mexico's war for independence began?

The war began i believe in 1810

Where do most scientist believe most humans began?

Most scientist believe humans began in a stage where we were monkeys and by a place where like a man was from an egg. but we began from God

How did the new kingdom of Egypt begin?

The New Kingdom in Egypt began circa 1570 BC under Ahmose 1 (Nebpehtyre). It began after the expulsion of the Hyksos under his predecessor Kamose.

Where and when did Christianity history began?


Where in the world did tattoos originate?

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