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in a nerve cell the axon terminals send signals or messages to other cells

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The axon terminals are the end point of an axon and they are responsible for releasing the neurotransmitters that will communicate with the effector/receiver.

The axon terminals of one neuron links with dendrites of the neighboring neuron.

The fluid filled space that separates axon terminals are called what

necleus axon axon terminals dendrites

Axon terminals ( secretory region)

Synaptic vesicles are found in the axon terminals of nerve cells.

the dendrites get the information and send it down the axon to the axon terminals

sends information out of a neuron.

They are stored in the axon terminals.

the dendrites to the axon to the axon terminals and then to the cell body.

receive incoming information from axon terminals

Once you have the action potential made from the influx of Na traveling down the axon depolarizing it. The action potential reaches the axon terminals, the depolarization causes Ca2+ to enter the cell and that causes the release of the neurotransmitters out of the axon terminals and into the dendrites of the next axon to continue the signaling pathway.

Dendrites receive incoming information from axon terminals.

It releases information. (movment, feeling etc.)

From dendrites to cell body to axon to axon terminals, in case of nerve cells.

Dendrites receive incoming information from axon terminals.

The axon terminals contain chemicals, called "neurotransmitters," which are released in order for the cell to communicate with nearby cells.

Neurotransmitters are found in synaptic vesicles of axon terminals. Acetylcholine and GABA are two common neurotransmitters.

clogging of preganglionic axon terminals with filaments

the nucleus, dendrites, soma (cell body), axon, myelin sheath, node, axon terminals, synaptic (terminal) button, and the synapse.

The main parts of a neuron are the dendrites, the cell body, and the axon. The axon is covered by a myelin sheath, and has axon terminals at the end which allow it to communicate with the dendrites of other neurons.

dendrites receive electrical and chemical signals from axon terminals.

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