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What do baby mice eat?

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Mice are mammals---their mother breastfeeds them. feed them paured down milk warm witha bit of water in it.

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Q: What do baby mice eat?
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What can baby mice eat?

Baby mice need their mother's milk.

Does a dad care for baby mice?

Male mice will not care for the baby mice but they will eat the babies.

When do baby mice start to eat?

Baby mice start to eat solid food when they are about three weeks old.

Do wild baby mice eat cheese?

No, baby mice to not eat cheese. They feed off of their mom's milk.

What does a baby corn snake eat?

Baby corn Snakes eat baby mice which are called pinkies.

What newborn snakes eat?

They eat Pinky mice, they are the baby mice that don't have any fur yet

Can an axolotl eat baby mice?


What do baby bull snakes eat and how to keep them warm?

They eat fuzzies and pinkies. When they get older they eat medium mice and large mice.

What animals eat baby mice?

Most carnivores (meat eating animals) will eat pinkies, which are newborn mice.

Do baby ratsnakes eat grasshoppers?

No - they eat small rodents - such as young mice.

What does a baby lynx eat?

baby lynxes eat mice snowshoe hares and deer just like adults

Do rats like mice?

I don't know. However I have heard that rats will kill mice and perhaps eat them. Hence, in that sense, I suppose that rats do like mice - if it is true that they will eat baby mice.

What do newborn snakes eat?

pinky mice or baby crickets

What do baby mice eat if their mom is gone?

mouse food

Who should newborn baby mice eat?

Their mother's milk

What do baby king snakes eat other than mice?

They can eat worms and insects

What do newborn mice eat?

Baby mice are breast fed by their mother until they are about 3 weks old when they can eat normal mouse food.

How much do baby mice eat a day?

I have 2 baby mice that haven't opened their eyes yet and we have been feeding them every 2 hours

Is a lizard an insectivore?

Most of them yes but some can eat baby mice

What do baby cobras eat?

Rats, mice and other small rodents.

Can baby leopard geckos eat mice?

quite simply, no they can't

What do wiled mice eat?

bird seed, baby food, water .

Can a bearded dragon eat baby mice?

hell yeah bro

What do baby Cobra eat?

Rats, mice and other small rodents.

When can Baby mice eat solid food?

My baby mice started eating seeds and popcorn at 3 weeks old. When they start exploring and trying to eat food they can probably be separated from their mom as well.