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they eat snakes and crabs, nd other things

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Q: What do baby mongooses eat and drink?
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How much water do mongoose drink?

What do mongooses drink

How many mongooses can a mother mongoose have?

up to 5 baby mongooses or more =) "Mongeese"?

How do baby squrrels eat?

baby squrrels eat/drink there mother's milk

What are baby mongooses called?

a pup i think

Are Mongooses allowed in US zoos?

Yes, they are. One Zoo that baby Mongooses are, is Bronx zoo in Newyork.Kartika

What do baby agoutis eat?

baby agoutis drink milk from there mom

Could a cobra eat a mongoose?

Yes Cobra's eat whatever they can find! Cobras and Mongooses are natural enemies but the Mongoose usually comes out the winner in a fight.

What do baby orca whales eat?

they eat and drink their mothers milk

What does a baby rhino eat?

they drink there moms milk

What does baby cougars eat and drink?

Mother's milk.

What type of wild cats eat mongooses?


What kind of a animals eat snakes?