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What do baby salmon eat?

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poo left on the ground

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Do salmon eat seaweed?

no, salmon do not eat seaweed

Can cockatiels eat salmon?

They can't eat salmon.

Do orcas eat salmon?

Yes, Orcas will eat salmon.

Do salmon eat algae?

Yes, salmon do eat algae.

Do vegetarians eat salmon?

No. Salmon are animals and vegetarians do not eat them.

Do bald eagles eat salmon?

Yes, bald eagles do eat salmon but only if the salmon are young.

Tiny animals that salmon eat?

Salmon fish eat flies.

What bears eat salmon?

Bears eat salmon to get ready for hibernation.

Do salmon eat grasshoppers?

salmon do not eat grasshoppers for they are to big so they might eat crickets . salmon do eat krill though wich is is a tiny metephor of shrimps

What bait salmon eat?

Salmon Eggs!

What is a name of a baby salmon?

Most baby salmon are called parrs, but they are also called smolt or grilse.

Why is the salmon shark called a salmon shark?

Salmon sharks eat salmon as their main prey.

What food do king salmon eat?

king salmon eat smaller fish and they eat fish eaggs

Why do some whales eat salmon and others don't?

some whales eat salmon and some don't. well some don't eat salmon because some whales don't like it the ones who do eat salmon do like it.

Do salmon eat plankton?

juvenile salmon eat zooplankton and it is also eaten in when they are in freshwater.

Do Jews eat salmon?

Yes Jews eat only some types of salmon

How are seals a predator of the salmon?

The seals eat the salmon.

How are bears connected to salmon?

Bears eat salmon.

Do salmon eat worms?

Yes, salmon do eat worms. Plastic worms work the best. Adult salmon are attracted to food sources that resemble what they eat in the ocean.

What can you do with salmon?

eat it

What eat salmon?

Bears, wolves, eagles, seagulls ( when the salmon are young ), orcas, and other fish. Also humans eat alot of salmon

Can you eat salmon scales?

Salmon scales are perfectly fine to eat and are palatable. Some places salmon scales are left on when ordering a fillet.

What does the Egyptian Mau eat?

They eat salmon, bass, trout, and salmon bit cat food.

Can you eat salmon and chicken on a no carb diet?

Yes, you can eat salmon and chicken on a 'no carb' diet.

Could you eat salmon on a fat free diet?

Can you eat salmon on a fat free diet

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