What do baby skunks eat?

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2017-01-16 02:31:57

I searched for this but I may also have an answer. Domestic

feline kitten replacement formula is used to help lost baby

squirrels survive. Perhaps that may also work for a baby skunk?

Cow's milk can give the baby animals diarrhea, in which case they

will dehydrated. Posted by autoguy.

Baby skunks wil generaly drink their mothers milk which wood be

like a cat or a ferrets since they are so closely related. Once

they get weaned off milk they will eat crickets, snakes, birds,

eggs, insects, fish if they can get them, and basically anything

else they can catch that's edible.

An infant skunk can be fed on puppy milk replacer with a little

grape juice and vegi oil added. The grape juice is for vitamin C.

Never use kitten milk replacer because it will kill the skunk

within a week or so. As the skunk kit grows, add moisted dog food.

Switch to cooked, diced veggies and chicken (no bones) when the kit

is ready.

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