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I searched for this but I may also have an answer. Domestic feline kitten replacement formula is used to help lost baby squirrels survive. Perhaps that may also work for a baby skunk? Cow's milk can give the baby animals diarrhea, in which case they will dehydrated. Posted by autoguy.

Baby skunks wil generaly drink their mothers milk which wood be like a cat or a ferrets since they are so closely related. Once they get weaned off milk they will eat crickets, snakes, birds, eggs, insects, fish if they can get them, and basically anything else they can catch that's edible.
An infant skunk can be fed on puppy milk replacer with a little Grape Juice and vegi oil added. The grape juice is for vitamin C. Never use kitten milk replacer because it will kill the skunk within a week or so. As the skunk kit grows, add moisted dog food. Switch to cooked, diced veggies and chicken (no bones) when the kit is ready.

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Do skunks eat baby birds?

as an omnivore, they will eat anything they can get to when hungry. If baby birds are where the skunk can get them, yes.

Do skunks ever eat parts of baby puppies?

Looks like the "Stupid Fairy" has STRUCK again! NO! SKUNKS DO NOT!

Do baby skunks spray?

Yes, baby skunks do spray. We have some baby skunks and they spray. We haven't got them descented. :)

What can you feed wild baby skunks?

Skunks are omnivorous meaning they eat both plant and animal products. Some things they may eat are earth worms, small rodents, or frogs.

Do foxes eat skunks?

yes. foxes do eat skunks

Do deer eat skunks?

Deer are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. Skunks are animals, not plants. So deer do not eat skunks.

Do skunks eat grasshoppers?

Skunks are opportunistic omnivores. Among the many things they eat are insects. So yes, skunks do eat grasshoppers.

Why are so many skunks out?

The baby skunks have fouled the nest.

Do baby skunks spray more than adult skunks?


Why do daddy skunks eat their babies?

This is not a common behavior in male skunks. In fact, if it ever happens, it may be the result of a male skunk with rabies. While skunks can at times be competitive, they are generally solitary and it would be unusual for them to attack or eat each other. Most skunks prefer to eat insects (especially grubs and bees); they will also eat a variety of fruits, seeds, and even small rodents. Male skunks tend to have little contact with their babies: baby skunks (called "kits") are raised by their mother.

How do skunks eat?

Skunks are carnivores. They kill and eat small animals and insects.

How often do skunks eat?

skunks eat about every 3 to 4 hours

What are some of the main foods skunks eat?

Skunks typically eat anything. Skunks can be classified omnivorous because they eat plants and meats. Skunks love eating fish, mammals, insects and fish.

Do skunks eat insects?

Yes. Skunks are omnivors, they will eat plant or animal matter.

Do skunks eat snakes?

skunks eat any thing very meat eaters

What can skunks not eat?

skunks can not eat humans, and apples, and unicorns aka big animals

Do skunks eat rotten food?

yes somtimes skunks eat rotten food

Do skunks eat raccoons?

I dont think so but raccoons could eat skunks

Do skunks eat corn?

Yes, skunks will eat many things, including corn.

Do baby skunks have stripes?


Do skunks eat fish?

No, skunks do not eat fish. They mostly eat small insects and some roots and berries.

Do skunks eat plants?

Skunks are omnivores, so yes.

What eats baby chickens?

Foxes, weasels, domestic cats and dogs, domesticated boars, snakes, hawks, and skunks will all eat baby chicks.

Who eat skunks?

Well, if we were cannibals then we humans would probably eat skunks if there was nothing else to eat. Maybe if you put skunks out in the wild, then a bear MIGHT eat it. I don't know! I hope this helps you!

Can spotted skunks kill and eat a rattlesnake?

Yes, skunks can and do eat rattlesnakes, especially young snakes.