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What is the name of a baby skunk?

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A baby skunk is called a 'kit.'

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Mephitis mephitis is the scientific name for the striped skunk. An adult skunk is simply called a skunk, while a baby skunk is called a kit.

A baby skunk is called a 'kit'.

A baby skunk is called a Kit (just like a fox baby).

A skunk litter is baby skunks.

a baby skunk that sprays smells just like the adults do

A female skunk is called a sow. A male skunk is called a boar and a baby skunk is called a kit.

A baby skunk is called a "Kit."

Don't take care of it or the skunk will probably spray you.

A boy skunk is called a flower.

No, unless it is a baby skunk it is unlikely that a raccoon would attempt to eat a skunk. Raccoons generally try to avoid confrontations with skunks.

i do know of one game where you are a skunk in it. The name of the game is Punky skunk its for the PS1

It smells bad, like a skunk spray.

its about as big as a average mans hand the funny thing is we just found a baby skunk today and it was as big as my dads hand it was 6 weeks old

There are many different varieties of skunk, however most of them still use the work 'skunk' in their name. The name Polecat is used instead of Skunk in certain areas. The Stink Badger, and Mephitis are names that could also be used, as they refer to different kinds of Skunk.

as an omnivore, they will eat anything they can get to when hungry. If baby birds are where the skunk can get them, yes.

Alternative name for Marijuana

Pepe often confused Penelope Pussycat as a skunk .

Flower...Bambi named him that after he called the skunk a flower.

You need to take it to a veterinarian to have the scent gland removed.

Mephista mephista, which means: "noxious vapors, noxious vapors"~Skunk Woman

Scientific Name: Spilogale putorius

You can get a milk replacement from the feed stores that is used for kittens.

ive heard they kill baby skunks dk about adults

Only Great Horned owls prey on skunks. They do it because owls have no sense of smell whatsoever. By eating the skunk they smell like skunk, the tree they live in smells like skunk, and even their baby will smell like skunk This repels other animals fom bothering them.

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