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When all forces are balanced, the object can either be moving at a constant velocity or be at rest. But because you asked for balanced forces on a moving object, it is moving at a constant velocity.

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What do all moving forces have?

Forces don't move. Objects move. All moving objects have momentum as well as kinetic energy.

Describe how unbalanced forces affect both moving objects and non moving objects?

On any object, whether in motion or not, unbalanced forces will cause an acceleration. An object can be moving and not have unbalanced forces.

Forces can only stop objects from moving true or false?

False. Forces can also set stationary objects in motion.

Describe how unbalanced forces affect both moving objects and non-moving objects?

-- An unbalanced group of forces on an object causes the object to accelerate in the direction of the net force. -- If an object is not moving, then the group of forces on it must be balanced, else it would be accelerated.

What forces are acting on objects that are moving with uniform motion?

If an object is moving at a constant speed in a straight line,then the sum of all the forces acting on it is zero.

Do objects move when forces are balanced or unbalanced?

They can move under both circumstances. Balancing of forces only affects acceleration. An already moving object will continue moving if the forces against it are balanced.

What force can do to moving objects?

Forces can change the way the body is moving. Speed it up, slow it down, change its direction.. it depends if the body is in equilibrium or not and what forces are already in play

What are all the objects in the universe doing?

They are just sitting there, moving and changing according to the forces that are acting on them.

What do balanced forces cause?

Balanced forces cause stationary objects to remain at rest and moving objects to come to rest. If on exact opposite direction - nothing. Else it will produce a resultant force.

How would no air affect the motion of objects moving horizontally?

It depends on the surface on which the object is moving, and also any other forces - such as gravity.

What are all forces the result of?

Anything that has mass will cause a push or pull because all objects are moving

An unbalanced force will not change an objects motion?

If the forces on an object are unbalanced then the objects motion will change. It will start accelerating in the direction of the resultant force. Only objects that have balanced forces will remain in the same motion (stationary or moving at a constant speed).

Do forces between particles in a solid keep them from moving to a new place?

the objects property of having mass give it inertia which means an objects resistance to movement.

Can an object be moving when it is in equilibrium?

Yes - an equilibrium means that no forces are changing an objects inertia (current state of motion).

What forces act apon objects in motion?

If an object is already in motion, in principle it requires no force to remain moving.

How is force is needed to keep objects moving?

No force is needed to keep an object moving, except to counteract friction forces that would slow the object down.

What are the forces around you?

Forces are pushes or pulls. They can start objects moving, they can stop,speed up, slow down, or change the direction of moving objects. They can lift things, or cause them to turn, bend or twist. They can also prevent motion; eg. a handbrake on a car stops it from rolling down the hill.

Why do objects remained at rest?

As you can observe, they will not ALWAYS be at rest. Objects have a tendency to remain at rest, because:* Inertia means that if no force acts on an object, it will remain at rest if it was at rest; or, if it was moving, it will continue moving at the same velocity. * Friction forces will usually slow objects down.

All moving objects have?

All moving objects have Momentum.

Does moving objects have impulse?

yes moving objects have impulse

How do you be safe with moving objects?

keep distance with moving objects.

What are differences in colors of moving objects in space that are approaching and moving objects that are moving away?

Objects moving toward you will have a blue shift in their spectrum and objects moving away from you will have a red shift in their spectrum. This is known as a doppler shift.

What forces govern thrown objects?

Momentum- a moving object tends to keep moving. Friction- pushing air out of the way slows it down. Gravity- pulls it down

Does the law of inertia apply to moving or non moving objects?

It applies to both moving and non-moving objects.

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