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They live in a lodge that is located in their dam.

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Where do Beavers live in the world?

Beavers live in north America.

Do beavers live in swamps?

Yes Beavers Do Live In Swamps And I Have Observed This By The Swamp Up My Street Where 3 Beavers Live.

Do beavers live in wetlands?

Yes, beavers do live in wetlands. Beavers also live in ponds, rivers, marshes, and woodlands.

Can beavers live having a disease?

can beavers live having a disease

Where do Mongolian beavers live?

Mongolian beavers live in Mongolia Wungulu river

Do beavers live in beechwood?

Beavers live in beechwood and some near rivers

Do beavers live alone or with others?

Beavers live in groups in dams they build together.

Where do beavers live and why?

Beavers live in water in dams and they live there because they can't live on ground forever they need to live in waterDUUUUUUUHHHH !!

Do beavers live in other places than Canada?

No, beavers only live in Canada. they have alot of beavers in Burns Bog. There are beavers in Canada and the US as well as populations in Europe and Asia.

Where does bevears live?

where do beavers live

Do beavers live in only fresh water?

Yes. Beavers live only in Freshwater. They live in rivers, streams etc..

Do beavers live in Australia?

No. Beavers do not live in Australia. They are neither native to the country, nor have they been introduced.

Do beavers have live births or hatch eggs?

Beavers are mammal's and all mammal's give live birth.

Where do beavers live in wetlands?

Beavers live in wetlands because they are able to obtain the fish that they eat, from that environment.

Where do beavers live in Canada?

Beavers build their homes in in lakes, and streams

Do beavers live in rivers?

Beavers sometimes build dams on rivers.

Are beavers a solitary animal?

no, they live together and its called a bundle of beavers.

Can beavers live in Land?

Beavers CAN live live on land but not for a long time or overnight they need to sleep underwater Hope this helped

Where do The Angry Beavers live?

They live in the tv.

Are beavers warm blooded?

Yes, beavers are warm-blooded mammals, or endotherms. Beavers live in colder climates.()_()( -.- )(..) (..)('')('')

Do beavers live in the forest?


Can beavers live in an ocean?


Do beavers live in Japan?


Do beavers live in the rainforest?

Beavers do not live in the rain forest. They are found in the temperate zones of North America and Europe.

Can beavers and platypus live in the same ecosystem?

No. Beavers and platypuses are from different continents.