What do beetles eat?

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Every different species of beetle eats different things. Most beetles that live on leaves also feed on them. Some species, such as weevils, only eat very specific plants. Most beetles that feed on leaves will eat just about any plant. Many beetles are predatory, which means they prey on smaller animals. They generally eat any small insect, spider, bird or crustacean that they can find. A few species only prey on very specific animals. A few species of beetles eat poo, dead animals and fungi.

Beetles are the most diverse group of insect that there is. There is almost a particular beetle for about every plant there is.
Rose beetles eat red and white roses.

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Do butterflies eat beetles?

no they do not eat beetles. they eat leaves.

Do beetles eat spiders?

No, beetles do not eat spiders. Beetles likes to eat on foliage, fruit crops, fruit trees, and berry's. Spiders will eat beetles.

Do beetles eat trees?

beetles do not eat trees

What do pincher beetles eat?

What do Pincher Beetles eat?

What do the scarab beetles eat?

What do Scarab Beetles eat

What do beetles in the desert eat?

beetles eat whatever

Do beetles eat grass?

Beetles do not eat grass

Do beetles eat mushrooms?

yes they can beetles will eat ANYTHING!

What do desert beetles eat?

Desert beetles eat plants.

Do beetles eat fruit?

Yes beetles eat fruit.

WHAT DO beetles love to eat?

beetles love to eat plants

Do tadpoles eat great diving beetles?

No, Its the opposite! Diving beetles eat tadpoles.

Do beetles eat caterpillars?

yes! beetles eat caterpillars because caterpillars cannot eat beetles because they are softer and smaller so, beetles some do it caterpillars.

What does beetles eat?

if you are saying "beetles" , I don't understand which type of beetles. Let me give you some examples, scarab beetles eat dung, cereal leaf beetle eat wheat, tiger beetles eat FISH, flour beetles eat eggs, and stag beetle eat tree sap.Hope this helps!Nickname:MelodyKitty_24

Do beetles eat?

Yes beetles do eat. They eat grass,leaves,little insects.

Do frogs eat beetles?

Yes. Frogs eat leaf beetles.

What do cane beetles eat?

Cane Beetles eat sugar cane.

What do blood beetles eat?

Blood beetles eat mosqitoes and algae

What do little black beetles eat?

Black Beetles Eat Jeff they also eat other bugs and beetles and I know this from Experience I have a Beetle

Do beetles eat berries?

Yes, beetles eat an assortment of wild berries. The beetles will also eat on fruit crops and fruit trees.

What do green beetles eat?

They are called June Beetles and the love to eat fruit!!!

Do bats eat cave beetles?

Yes, bats do eat cave beetles

Do lizards eat beetles?

Yes. Many species of lizards eat beetles.

Does frog eat ladybirds and beetles?

sometimes frog do eat ladybirds and beetles

Where do beetles get their energy?

Beetles get their energy from the food that they eat. Since there are a great many different species of beetles, there is also a variety of food items that beetles eat.