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The female and male both are black but the female has a red dot on the bottom part of the female Black Widow Spider.

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There are a number of spiders that are venomous and have different markings and coloring. The two most dangerous of spiders is the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spiders. The Black Widow is shiny black with a red hourglass marking on its underside. The Brown Recluse is shaped like a violin and is a dark color.

The top is shiny black. Some have a red hourglass on the underside, some are solid black. See the Related Link for pictures of black widow spiders.

I think so. Some say NO, they look like blackwidows but no hourglass under there body.

Yes and no. The extremely venomous SOUTHERN black widow spider does not. It's the less venomous NORTHERN black widow spider that does. And these,although not rare,are uncommon unless you look in the right place. So feel good you Yuppers and Michiganders we are safe. YAAAAAAY!!!!!!! :-D

Many spiders look alike. Many belong to the same "family" as other species, and have only very slight differences between them. An example is the Australian redback spider and the American black widow.

How it looks is fairly irrelevant, if you've been bitten by a black widow, you should go to a hospital ASAP

A large, black spider with a red hourglass on it's back.

A black widow is a spider I would look up pics too

No... but there are 5 different species of black widows in the United States

it is black and a female mesures 3.8 cm and the male is half as big

it has very long legs and a green or black body

Spiderlings look like underdeveloped spiders. They are usually hairless, depending on species. Black, with unique markings

Trapdoor spiders lives in burrows and a rock for shelter. They are mainly like tarantulas. Their color is some what kind of a metalic black.

it looks like this spiders

Sounds like a black widow spider - does it look like this (check related links)?

All spiders are venomous to a degree, but the western black widow is the only dangerous one to humans there. ++In Oregon the two most common venomous spiders are Black Widow spiders AND Hobo spiders. Most people mistake the Hobo spider for the Brown Recluse. The Hobo has distinct chevron-shaped markings on the upper side of the abdomen, whereas the brown recluse has the distinct "fiddle" on its back. Hobo spiders also have two large palps that look like large fangs (esp. the males), though these are genitalia on the males. I suggest a Google search of images to see pics of all these spiders. ATTENTION: THE FIRST ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS INCREDIBLY INACCURATE. WHILE THERE ARE BLACK WIDOWS (PRIMARILY IN SOUTHERN OREGON) THERE IS THE HOBO SPIDER AS MENTIONED IN THE SECOND, WAY MORE ACCURATE ANSWER. LOOK UP THE HOBO SPIDER (AKA AGGRESSIVE HOUSE SPIDER) LOOK AT PICS ONLINE FOR PROPER IDENTIFICATION.

"Widow spiders" are venomous spiders of the Genus Latrodectus that have a rather bad reputation for eating their mate. However, this is not entirely fair, as not all species of Latrodectus do this. Perhaps the most commonly known widow spiders are Latrodectus mactans (Southern Black Widow), Latrodectus hesperus (Western Black Widow), and Latrodectus variolus (Northern Black Widow). It is the black widow which gave Latrodectus such a bad reputation. Among other commonly known Latrodecta are Latrodectus pallidus (White Steppe Spider), Latrodectus bishopi (Red Widow), Latrodectus tredecimgutattus (European Black Widow), Latrodectus cinctus (Black Button Spider), Latrodectus hasselti (Redback Spider), and Latrodectus katipo(Katipo Spider). There is one species that occurs worldwide, except Antarctica, Latrodectus geometricus. Latrodecta have such a negative association not only because of their notorious mating habit, but their bite. Latrodecta have an incredibly venomous bite, which causes a condition called Latrodectism. Latrodectism affects circulatory system, and can cause fatal heart attacks. It is also extremely painful. However, with modern technology, most Latrodecta bites do not result in fatalities, if treated expediently.Widow spiders belong to a larger group called Theridiidae. All of these spider make a tangled sort of web, and all of them have almost spherical abdomens. So their habits are similar, but their sizes can be quite different. One other kind of spider in this group, the Steatoda ("false black widows"), are close enough relatives of the widow spiders that their venom has similar effects of humans. However, these spiders produce much less venom so their bites are not medically significant. They even look rather like black widows, but they do not have the red markings on the abdomen that help identify black widows.

it is shiny and the size of a paper clip and has a red or orange symbol that looks like a hourglass

only guys look kinda green or else the black widow is really really sick

It is a black spider, that usually hangs around at night in hard to reach areas. It has a red hourglass-shaped mark on its stomach.Black.

No, spiders do not have an intermediate form that does not look like the adult, They do not go through metamorphosis. Baby spiders look just like miniature adults as soon as they hatch.

it means your strong and even if you look like you can be stepped on your deadlyits a vemonous spider that can kill you by looking at you!

brown widow is a medium sized spider with a fury body and resembles the brown rucluse but has the black widow hour glass on the bottom of the abdomen <><><> Black widow- up to about the size of a large green pea. Round body, shiny black. The red hourglass marking is on the belly. Link below will take you to a photo showing markings.

Not usually. There are a few dangerous kinds, like the Black Widow spider. However, it is very rare that anyone actually finds one of these. If you want to be extra-careful, you could look up "poisonous spiders" on a search engine and look them over, so you might recognize a dangerous one, if you see it. However, this should not be needed. It is highly unlikely that you will actually come across anything to be concerned about.

there are many types of spiders that look like that. Take pictures and indentify then.

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