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Spider monkey are kinda tiny they are usually black or brown. They have big eyes and small faces they are also sometimes really furry.

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they are black small ruddy gold brown

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small, brown, orange, and a long tail.

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Q: What do spider monkey look like?
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What is a spider-monkey?

the spider monkey is a monkey that eats spiders and scurries like a spider.

What a spider monkey looks like?

it looks like a normal monkey but the face looks a bit like a spider. hence spider monkey

Can you jump like a spider monkey?

NO i can't jump like a spider monkey only like a regular person

Is a spider monkey a monkey or a spider?

A monkey.

What is the common name for a spider monkey?

That is its common name. They are further described mostly by color and habitat. Red-faced spider monkey White-fronted spider monkey Brown spider monkey (aka Hybrid Spider Monkey) White-cheeked spider monkey Black-headed spider monkey Brown-headed spider monkey Ornate spider monkey (subspecies Geoffroy's) Peruvian spider monkey Colombian spider monkey (Geoffroy's spider monkeys:) - Yucatan spider monkey - Mexican spider monkey - Nicaraguan spider monkey

How does a spider-monkey look?

brown with black on there elbows and knees

Is the money spider venomous?

someone posted this: Spider monkey is not venomous. Spider monkey are not spiders, they are monkeys who look kinda like spiders. They lives in tropical lowland rain forests from Mexico to South America. they must have thought you said spider monkey not money spider, money spiders are venomous but do not have fangs long enough to pierce human skin.

Why is a spider monkey called that when it is not a spider?

Because it acts and moves like one

Spider monkey in latin?

Spider Monkey in latin is Spider Monachus

How many types of spider monkeys are there?

There are 7 to 9 species of spider monkeys in the world, genus Ateles. The related genus is Brachyteles, the "woolly spider monkey" (also known as the Muriqui). There are 3 subspecies of the black-headed spider monkey and 4 additional subspecies within the species Geoffroyi.Red-faced spider monkey, Ateles paniscusWhite-fronted spider monkey, Ateles belzebuthPeruvian spider monkey, Ateles chamekBrown spider monkey, Ateles hybridusWhite-cheeked spider monkey, Ateles marginatusBlack-headed spider monkey, Ateles fuscicepsBrown-headed spider monkey, Ateles fusciceps fuscicepsColombian spider monkey, Ateles fusciceps rufiventrisGeoffroy's spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi- Yucatan spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis- Mexican spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus- Nicaraguan spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi- Ornate spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi ornatusThe most endangered spider monkeys are the black-headed spider monkey and the brown spider monkey.

Does Bill Gates have a spider monkey?

no he has a monkey spider

What do you get when you cross a spider and a monkey?

The answer to the joke is Spider monkey.

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