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Boars eat snakes and sometimes humans.

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Do wild boars eat mice?

Yeah, boars will eat whole families of mice!

Do boars eat larger animals that are already dead?

No. Wild boars are vegetarians.

Why do boars have big teeth?

so they can eat you up oh wait.. boars or boA

Do boars eat meat?

Yes they do

Do wild boars eat bananas?


Do wild boars eat rabbits?

Boars are omnivores, means they can eat meat if they come across it. But they don't hunt rabbits intentionally.

Do crocodiles eat boars?

Crocodiles would eat boars if given the chance. Crocodiles typically eat smaller animals, but they will go after larger ones if that's all that is there.

Do wild boars eat snakes?


Can humans eat wild boars?


Do wild boar kill deer?

No. Wild boars do not kill deer, but wild boars do kill and eat snakes. They also eat grass and small berries.

What kind of roots do wild boars eat?

wild boars eat almost anything. potatoes are their favorite but they also eat the roots of many other herbs and shrubs. including some berries and fallen fruits

Do tigers eat kudu?

no. tigers like to eat things such as boars, deer, etc.

Do cougars eat boars?

Cougars are carnivorous , so yes .

Why are people afraid of wild boars?

Wild boars are carnivorous animals in jungle. They can eat people i.e. human beings so are afraid.

Why are boars and pigs different colors?

Cause of there type of gene and what they eat.

Collective noun for boars?

The standard collective nouns for boars are:a herd of boarsa sounder of boars

What does the leopard eat?

boars,deer,birds,and rodents. A leopard is a carnivore, it eats meat.

What color are boars?

Boars are black

What is a sentence with the word boars?

The boars were like pigs but acted wilder.

What do boars look like?

boars are black

What does a wild boar eat?

Wild Boars eat grass, fruits, nuts, eggs and sometimes small animals are consumed by this animal.

Does a wild boar eat grass?

Wild boars will sometimes eat grass, although it is far from being a favorite food of theirs.

What do Snow Leopads Eat?

sheeps, birds, goats, boars, marmaonts and hares! LoveeYouuGuyys! xx

Does a boar eat a duck?

I would think so, I mean boars are really frikin' tough.

What types of food did the Jamaica maroons eat?

coneys, wild boars, mullet fishes and pork

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