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THese beetles shoot acid-like poisen out of their abdomen

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What is a bombardier beetles defense?

It sprays toxin

Are bombardier beetles canibles?


What are bombardier beetles colors?

Orange and black are the colors of the bombardier beetle. The bombardier beetle can often be found under dead logs.

How does the bombardier beetle scare of preditors?

Bombardier beetles scare preditores with their tail that shoots an explosion

Where do bombardier beetles live?

in places such as New zealand

What is the scientific name of bombardier beetles?

Brachinus crepitans.

What do bombardier beetles eat?

these guys eat small insects.

What are the bombardier beetle's predators?

The bombardier beetle has no predators. Many animals avoid it and don't try to eat it because of its defense mechanism.

What animal uses mimicry as a defense?

small beetles and flies and wasp

What is the stag beetles defense mechanism?

The defense mechanism of the stag beetle larva is to excrete a secretion. They can also play dead if they fear they are in danger.

What does bombardier mean?

A bombardier is a soldier that drops bombs.

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Louise Bombardier is 5' 5".

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Joseph bombardier had 7 siblings

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Bombardier Inc.'s population is 65,400.

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Bombardier Inc. was created in 1942.

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10w40 summer,5w30 winter

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where is the vin number on a bombardier ds 650

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What is the population of Bombardier Recreational Products?

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Is bombardier from Canada?

Yes. Bombardier CRJ XXX stands for Bombardier Canada Regional Jet 100, 200. 300, 400, 500, etc.

How do a sea monkey use defense?

They use their tentacles for defense.

What is an assassin beetle?

There are many types of assassin beetles, which are actually a group of beetles in the Reduviidae family. These beetles use their beaks to kill prey, hence the name.