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What do butterflies eat?

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  • The caterpillars (young) of butterflies eat leaves and plant parts. Different types of caterpillars eat different types of plants.
  • Adult butterflies themselves do not eat, but drink. They usually feed on nectar from plant flowers or tree sap. Some butterflies will feed on the sugars in rotting fruits.
  • The Harvester butterfly actually pierces the bodies of woolly aphids and drinks their fluids.

The Butterfly uses a tube like appendage called a "Proboscis" to suck up nectar, pollen, tree sap, rotting fruit, dung and other substances that are dissolved into a liquid state. The food of choice depends strictly on the species, as some will feed on different things than others. Proboscis comes from the Greek "pro" meaning before and "boskein" meaning to feed.

They will also land on drying mud and or animal dung to suck up salts they need. Most of the food a butterfly requires is obtained during its early life as a caterpillar (mainly feeding off plant vegetation). They DO NOT eat worms.

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nectar from flowers
they feed on the nectar of flowers. also, they some times they will land on other things as well to suck up salts.

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butterflies eat tree sap,animal droppings,rotting fruit, and mud.

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Do ants eat butterflies?

ants do eat butterflies

Do butterflies eat bananas?

do butterflies eat bananas

What animals eat butterflies?

monkeys and frogs eat butterflies

What do rainbow butterflies eat?

Actually, Rainbow butterflies do not eat at all. There are no butterflies that actually eats at all. Butterflies get their nourishment from liquids.

What do owl butterflies eat?

Owl butterflies usually eat bananas.

Does cardinals eat butterflies?

No, only some birds eat butterflies.

Do butterflies eat coconut trees?

butterflies eat nectar from flowers.

Do frogs eat butterflies?

Yes frogs eat butterflies. yup.

What kind of birds eat butterflies?

Tropical Region Birds and Insectivorous Birds eat butterflies but there might be more birds that eat butterflies.

What insects eat butterflies?

Their are many insects that eat butterflies. Spiders, dragonflies, and anyother bug eats butterflies

What do common yellow butterflies eat?

Butterflies (the adults) only eat nectar.

Do moles eat butterflies?

yes moles eat butterflies they like them with custard

What eat butterflies?

Nothing eat butterflies

Do butterflies eat water?

Butterflies indeed eat water. They also eat anything that can dissolve in water :)

What do butterflies eat and what eats them?

Butterflies eat nectar from flowers. Some don't eat at all they just mate then die. Animals such as birds, lizards and small mammals eat butterflies.

What plants do butterflies eat?

Butterflies dont eat plants but they do drink the nectar from the flowers!

Why do birds eat butterflies?

Because they eat smaller animals and butterflies are smaller than them.

What do butterflies eat xx?

go to the libary and get a book of butterflies and look up what they eat

How does eating milkweed help the monarch butterflies?

Who is eating the milk weed you or the butterflies If you eat it that won't help the butterflies Do butterflies eat, I thought they occasionally sucked nectar from flowers but they don't eat any thing

What do Papilionidae butterflies eat?

No butterflies eat. All butterflies are primary consumers that are on an all liquid diet. They consume mainly nectar and liquids.

How do butterflies eat flowers?

Actually, butterflies don't eat flowers. Caterpillars do. The butterflies use their proboscis to suck the nectar out of the center of the flower.

What do green swallowtail butterflies eat?

green swallowtail butterflies eat some grass and milkweed.

What is an insect butterflies eat?

adult butterflies eat nectar and water, they do most of there eating as caterpillars

Why do frogs eat butterflies?

because frogs will eat whatever fits in their mouth and butterflies fit.

What fruits do blue morpho butterflies eat?

Butterflies do not eat fruit- they feed on the nectar of flowers.