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What do carp eat?


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carp would bite at worms, minnows, fake minnow lures, and corn.

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No, carp do not eat dogs. See the related question.

Since the goldfish is a carp, Oscars and piranahs since they eat goldfish.AnswerSince goldfish are carp, Oscars,piranahs,and alligator gars eats carp since they eat goldfish.

Yes, carp love to eat sweetcorn. Many fisherman use sweetcorn when they are fishing for carp. It is considered one of the top baits for carp.

You can eat carp and carp eggs are some of the best food to eat

Yes they can. Carp can get quite large. Carp usually feed on vegetation, and rarely will eat eggs and fry of other species, but do not eat adults of species like sunfish, as carp have no teeth.

Well, they might. Though how would they get it? carp eat things like Bugs, plankton, some plants, and they will actually eat Chicken Liver And Beef if you give it to them. I'm not really a carp expert, but I would say no, carp do not eat cheese.

a carp is a freshwater fish - so humans eat it

Goldfish are carp so I guess they do.

No, dolphins are not known to eat carp. However, they have been known to eat smaller squid and octopus on occasions.

Carp do not eat other fish. To fish for them use bread,worms,boilies, and sweetcorn.

Yes they do, while fishing i heard its best to throw balls of bread for the carp to eat.

Carp fish eat or at least a typical carp fish will eat aquatic plants,insects,crayfish,dead fish, and mollusks (such as freshwater clams and nuts that fall from trees into the water)

Yes, carp will eat krill given the chance. They are not picky eaters and will eat whatever is available to them such as tadpoles, larvae, bugs, and worms.

Only the eggs of the bass. Carp are not predators.

Carp are known as "garbage fish." They will eat anything they find in the water, including garbage, smaller fish, and dead fish.

Koi carp can and will eat slugs, but you should be careful, because there is often no way to know what the slugs have eaten.

Carp are really big and funny but eat a lot of maggots! If going for carp go to premiere koi or rush lyvers!

Nail the carp to a wooden shingle. Roast it over an open fire for about 2 hours. Pull the carp off, throw it away. Eat the shingle. Thats how you ear carp.

Carp can eat SOME boiled rice but it would not be a suitable food to be used as basic/main sustenance.

Carp eat alligators but small one babies shall i say

the monk intrudeced common carp to eat then developed mirror carp so that they didnt have to take as many scales visit for pics

If Ghost Carp are going to be kept as pets it is important to know what they eat. These fish eat any normal type of Koi feed found in pet stores.

typically a bear could eat it or osprey. but other fish known as the bash sunfish and other bigger fish tend to eat the carp.

The people of China eat several types of fish. A few of the types of fish are grass carp, carp, and sea bass.

People in Poland and Czech Republic eat carp on Christmas Eve.

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