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They do everything normal ppl do.

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Q: What do celebrities do?
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What is the collective noun for celebrities?

There is no specific collective noun for celebrities. Since celebrities are people, it's appropriate to use a collective noun used for people that applies to the situation; for example a crowd of celebrities, a team of celebrities, a collection of celebrities. You can also be creative, for example a glittering of celebrities, a swarm of celebrities, a celebration of celebrities, a plague of celebrities, etc.

How do you spell celebrities?


What celebrities have colostomys?

What celebrities have colostomy

What celebrities are in the illuminate?

some celebrities are.

Who are the celebrities that live in Philadelphia?

The only kind of celebrities that live in Philadelphia is celebrities like dj's and producers not celebrites. There are some celebrities FROM Philadelphia.

Did the Tudors have celebrities?

In their time, the Tudors WERE the celebrities! :-)

What celebrities have died?

MANY celebrities have died

What celebrities have Xbox?

22,000,000 celebrities have an XBOX

What is a sentence for celebrities?

I will never understand why people want to read gossip about celebrities.The celebrities have gathered for the annual charity event.

Where can I get personal contact details for celebrities?

provide personal contact information for celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

How many celebrities are on Twitter?

According to Tweetwood, there are 2200+ US celebrities and 3000+ global celebrities on Twitter.

Why aren't celebrities allowed on WikiAnswers?

celebrities are to awesome

Which celebrities are circumcised?

Mostly Jewish celebrities and others?

Do celebrities have kids?

Yes, many celebrities have children.

What celebrities live in Oregon?

There are a few celebrities that have homes in Oregon. The celebrities may not live there at all times. The celebrities are Jennifer Aniston. Justin Bieber, and Robert DeNiro.

What celebrities are Illuminati?

Real celebrities, real Illuminati, none.Rumored, speculated, and celebrities that someone hates, many.There are no celebrities that are true Illuminati, because there is no true Illuminati.

Do celebrities have got msn?

Some celebrities probably do have MSN but I know for a fact that celebrities have myspace eg Brendon Urie, Pete Wents (but most people make celebrities)

Should paparazzi follow celebrities?

No, celebrities deserve freedom

What size are most celebrities?

celebrities are all shapes and sizes

Which state has the most celebrities?

Currently, California has the most celebrities.

Why are celebrities called celebrities?

They are celebs because they are eather singers

What female celebrities dating female celebrities?

ellen degeneres

Which celebrities are a part of the illuminati?

There is no proof that any celebrities are Illuminati.

When was Celebrities Exposed created?

Celebrities Exposed was created in 2003.

How do you get celebrities on mini cafe on I pad?

Celebrities will walk into your cafe and it will be your job to serve them. There are 16 different celebrities that can visit your cafe.