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Centipedes, which are arthropods with pairs of legs on its body segments, number some 8,000 species. They come in a range of sizes, colors and shapes, as you might imagine. Use the link below to see some pictures and begin investigating these creatures.

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How are centipedes and millipedes alike?

They both are really weird lookin and look like puke!

What do athropods look like?

arthropods can look like lots of different stuff. it contains animals such as spiders,shrimp,lobsters,centipedes stuff like that. so they all look different.

What do baby centipedes look like?

Please see the related link below for an image of a baby centipede.

What does a centipede egg look like?

A centipedes egg looks about the size of a M&M, in a gold like color and a little fuzzy.

What are centipedes attracted to?

How do you get centipedes in your house or apartment i would like to know as much as possible about centipedes. tell me all you know about them please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do centipedes taste like?


What are the Worm like bug that eats clothes?


Are earthworms decomposer?

yes they are just like centipedes!

Do people eat centipedes?

I DO. Taste like chicken.

What do arthropods look like?

phylum arthropoda contains a variety of different animals so they all look different. This includes spiders,lobsters,shrimp,centipedes. so rather than looking up what arthropods look like try a specific animal.

Do centipeds eat ants or bettle?

It depends on the centipedes size and if the ants or Beetles are small but centipedes mostly eat small thing like crumbs kinda like what ants do.

Do centipedes have wings?

Centipedes do not have wings.

Can you get HPV from centipedes?

You can not get HPV from centipedes.

Do dung beetles eat centipedes?

Dung beetles do not eat centipedes. Instead they eat the waste of other animals like cows or horses.

Are scorpion insects?

No scorpions are arthropods like centipedes and butterflies

How are centipedes born?

they are born by like the human race nature.

Are centipedes arachnids?

No, they are not. Answer Like arachnids (spiders, ticks, mites, scorpions, whip scorpions, sunspiders and amblypygids), centipedes are arthropods. However, of that great phylum (Arthropoda), centipedes are placed in a separate class to arachnids, the Class Chilopoda.

Were do centipedes live?

Centipedes live in the soil.

What are the adaptations of centipedes and millipedes?

centipedes bite.

Are centipedes and millipedes venomous?

centipedes are millipedes are not

What kind of centipedes are poisonous?

red centipedes

Where do the centipedes have their ears?

Centipedes dont have ears.

What is a group of centipedes called?

a swarm of centipedes

What symmetry do centipedes have?

centipedes have bilateral symmetry

Asexually or sexually centipedes?

Centipedes are living organisms, two centipedes mate, so sexual reproduction.

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