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Q: What do clitus dardanius and voluminous refuse to do?
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What request does Brutus make of Clitus?

The same one he made to Dardanius. Clitus: What ill request did Brutus make of thee? Dardanius: To kill him, Clitus.

Why does brutus make the same request to both dardanius and clitus?

He's trying to find someone who will agree to do it. When neither Dardanius or Clitus will he asks Volumnius and Strato.

What does Brutus ask clitus dardanius and volomnius to do?

Brutus asks Clitus, Dardanius, and Volmnius to hold his sword so he may kill himself. This takes place in the play Julius Caesar Act 5, Scene 5.

What does Brutus ask clitus dardanius and volumnius to do?

Help him commit suicide

What servant of brutus refused to kill him?


What is voluminous?

Voluminous is an adjective that means huge.

How do you pronounce the name Clitus?

It's like cleetus.... retards...

Can you give me a sentence with voluminous?

The clown's trousers were quite voluminous. :]

How can you use the word voluminous in a sentence?

give a sentence voluminous is used in

Can you give me a sentence for the word voluminous?

"The voluminous elephant walked down a path"

What is a prefix for voluminous?

There is no prefix of voluminous. The root word is vol. The suffix is -ous.

What does voluminous mean?

voluminous entails a noun of high volume or otherwise seeming fluffy or poofy (which makes it seem like there is a lot of volume--voluminous)