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Coal, pencil lead, and diamonds all contain carbon.

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Q: What do coal pencil lead and diamonds have in common?
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What everyday uses you carbon?

Coal, diamonds, pencil lead, etc...

Does pencil lead have coal in it?

Pencil lead does not have coal. Pencil lead contains graphite.

A type of coal commonly used in pencil lead?

Graphite is used to make pencil lead, but it is not a form of coal.

Which element is sometimes a black powder and sometimes a precious stone?

Carbon. Diamonds are essentially carbon. So are coal, charcoal and pencil lead (which is graphite).

What element is in both diamonds and pencil lead?

Carbon is found in both diamonds and pencils.

Is lead in diamonds?

No, the lattice structure of diamonds is different from the lattice structure of lead or graphite, although both are formed from carbon. (The answer assumes that you are referring to pencil lead and not the chemical lead: Pb.)

What element is in a pencil and also a diamond?

You're thinking of carbon. Both pencil lead and diamonds are allotropes of carbon.

How is diamond different to a pencial led?

the most obvious reason being that diamonds cost a lot more than pencil lead. another reaon they are different is that diamonds are the hardest known substance to man. pencil lead is not hard at all.

What metal is present in the pencil?

Trick question. There is no metal in a "lead" pencil. The insert is composed of graphite, which is a carbon similar to coal.

Is pencil lead metalic or nonmetalic?

It is non metallic. The pencil 'lead' is graphite which is a common mineral, a soft carbon

Why element makes diamonds and pencil lead?

Carbon constitutes pencil lead, charcoal and diamond. Although they appear different in appearance, they are chemically the same. Diamond is shiny and hard due to the crystalline arrangement of carbon atoms in it. Graphite or pencil lead has such an arrangement, that there are free electrons which make it a conductor of electricity. Elements like this, which are chemically the same but exhibit different physical properties are called allotropes, and the phenomenon is termed as allotropy.

What are lead pencils made out of?

The lead in pencils are not made out of lead, as is common belief. Pencil lead is made out of graphite.