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this is the answer they are both living things also that they both have external skeletons

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Q: What do crayfish and land snails have in common?
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How are crayfish and land snails alike to help them survive in their environments?

They use their shells

What do crayfish and humans have that snails do not have?

Quite obviously crayfish, humans, and many other animals have apendages. Snails, however do not.

What do mudpuppies eat?

crayfish, worms, and snails

What does anderson's salamander eat?

Freshwater crayfish and snails.

What animals eat crayfish snails leeches and clams?


What crayfish eat?

crayfish eat tadpoles,snails,small fish, and insects.crayfish also eat plants and waterweeds

Are snails in Escargot from the sea or the land?

They are land snails.

How does a raccoon adapt in the pond?

Raccoons do not live in ponds but may forage for food in a pond looking for crabs, snails, crayfish, frogs and fish. They live on land, however.

What is the diet of freshwater turtles?

They feed on snails, crayfish, tadpoles and aquatic vegetation

How do land snails and pond snail differ?

because land snails normally stay on land and pond snails stay in the water

Do Tilapia eat water snail?

Yes if the shells get broken otherwise no. I keep crayfish and Tilapia together and crushed some snails for the crayfish to eat, the Tilapia ate them before the crayfish had chance.

Can snails get as big as African land snails?