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ii Believe They Rub Their Two Wings Together And By That The Wings Produce Music Out Of It !

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Q: What do crickets rub together to make their song?
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What do crickets do at night?

they rub thier legs together and make a violin sound

What animal drones?

One animal that makes drones are Crickets. Crickets rub their legs together and they make that chirping sound that is familiar related with crickets.

How crickets sing?

they rub their knees together they use this as a mating call

How do crickets sing?

they rub their knees together they use this as a mating call

What type of cricket sings?

Crickets do not actually sing, but they are said to do so because they make a chirping sound that is similar to the sound of singing. The crickets rub there legs together, creating the mentioned chirping sound.

How do crickets communicate?

They use the same things they use to chirp,which is their back legs.This also means they communicate by song. Also they rub their legs together to create auditory vibrations to make their chirping sounds(I learened that from the show shake it up when cc's ,math tutor told his sensa lol) but i know this is right lol

Where is a crikets sense of hearing located?

Crickets hear through a series of holes found behind their hind legs. The legs of which rub together to make the common chriping sounds you hear.

Why do grasshoppper's make noises?

They rub their legs together.

How do girls make tribbing?

They rub there vag's together

How do cello make a sound?

the strings rub together and make the sound

Why the crickets chirp more frequently some nights?

to attract females

How do you make noise with your hands?

You rub them together to make a funny little noise.