What do dance teachers need to know about dance?

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Different types of dances and the streches you need to do before a dance(pulse raiser,joint mobility and streches)

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Q: What do dance teachers need to know about dance?
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What skill are needed for dance teachers?

you need to know how to dance

How do dance teachers use math?

When you tell your student to do deigeshey he or she is going to ask what degrees it should be 45 or 9O And u need to know where that is

What qualifications do you need to be a dance instructor?

well you need to know how to dance and get along with kids.

Were did praise dance start?

how did praise dance start and where? i need to know

Do dance teachers get raises?

No we dont get raises where i teach dance

Why do teachers need to know different types of curriculum?

Teachers need to know many different ways to teach so that they can help all of the kids learn as well as they can.

What is the motto of International Dance Teachers Association?

The motto of International Dance Teachers Association is 'Always one step ahead'.

Who is in fbba?

teachers, principals, kids, parents. Why do you need to know this?

Why do students need to do examinations?

It is for their teachers to know their mistakes and correct them.

Do you need a partner to take a ballroom dance lesson?

Coming from a ballroom dance teacher, I would recommend you double check with the instructor. I myself have only taught classes where you do not need partners and I have students rotating partners. I prefer my students learning how to dance with multiple partners. That being said, I know of teachers who prefer to teach couples only classes.

What is meant by the term motif?

it is a dance that is meant for teachers to dance around the classroom

What is the typical audience for dance competitions?

Dancers, Dance Teachers, Dance Parents, The competition Officials ect.

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