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What do democrats stand for?


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October 14, 2008 2:32PM

They believe in an economy that entitles all to flourish and not just a select few. In giving more tax cuts for the poor and not just focusing on those that are financially affluent. They believe in more government regulating business vs. letting the market or upper management dictate what and who benefits from a strong economy. Democrats stand for equal rights, such as equal pay for women. They tend to be Pro-choice on the Abortion issue and support stem-cell research. Most in the party, but not all support Gay Marriage and ironically favor President Bush's view on either a form of amnesty for illegal immigration or various forms of supporting immigration. The illegal immigration subject varies widely throughout members of the democratic party. Democrats believe in gun control such as bills and laws that promote guns not getting into the hands of criminals. They are more apt to argue the need to raise minimum wage. Religious democrats tend to have the opinion of not supporting big corporations and have the attitude and value system of Jesus loves everyone to include the poor, that everyone is entitled to health care, and that the only voice for the poor or uninsured is the democratic party.