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Q: What do disabled people want robotics to do?
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You want to know about robotics?

If you want to thoroughly understand robotics, you should seek a college degree in engineering, electronics or automation.

Should pregnant people drink?

Only if you want to have a disabled baby. The quick and only answer NO.

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Are there grants for disabled people?

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because zeus didn't want them to.

Definition of 'robotics'?

Robotics is the study of robots

Can you publish a book if you are legally disabled?

Most likely yes. People might not want to publish it but yes.

What is the best field of engineering to study if you want to design and build animatronics?


Can you please suggest some funky names for a robotics club?

Names that come to mind are The Machine, Future of Robotics, The Robotics Club, Home of Robotics, Robotics Central, Best Robotics.

How are disabled people treated in your society?

are disabled people made inclusive in our society

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yes disabled people can sing all they have to do is practese