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What do doctors actually do?


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Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour

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they are actually like animal doctors they take are and treat animals

no of cource not doctors are way more important they save lives ok yeah teachers are responible for you education so you have a better life but come on what would you rather have an education or be dead think about it.................... If there were no doctors, then all the teachers would get sick and possibly die. Actually if there were no teachers there would be no doctors so no they are actually both are important

Human growth supplements are not considered to be good for the body according to doctors. According to doctors, these supplements can actually be harmful to the body.

Doctors actually know a lot about endometriosis. A doctor can diagnose this very easy with just a small sample of tissue.

umm im not sure if im right but when i was younger a kid actually my teacher told me that doctors get about 3 days off from work~Melina

While those were the main doctors she appeared with, she was there in the Five Doctors (so she was with all the first five) and the Eleventh Doctor was in two episodes of the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures. So the answer is actually seven. :)

no it's actually not the best way is to freeze it at a doctors office

Because it is shown from doctors research that it actually spreads it.

Actually ,doctors just come to the shelter of the passengers.

"Yes, this is actually a newer surgery option. Doctors can do this surgery and replace your mitral valve with another valve in your body, or another persons body."

The doctors on The Doctors, really are doctors.

GREEK GREEK GREEK Sweden actually. There live many doctors and so on ....

some doctors say it will but, there is no scientific prove of this actually working

Actually, if Elizabethans took drugs at all, they would be from their doctors.

Quite a few people actually, doctors and mothers being the major groups.

It isn't by the Spin Doctors can find it, however, on the song by the original artist. Look for Del Amitri, Twisted, and it will be there. The song is called "Roll To Me," and it's by Del Amitri; the reason why no one knows the CD for the spin doctors is because it isn't a song by the spin doctors!

Doctors have studied this for many years and have come up with an answer. Iguana's actually 3 penises and one is actually the size of an average mans penis.

Actually many of them do. Given how many thousands of doctors there are, it is difficult to say they all do, but polls show that a majority of doctors do support the Affordable Care Act. 55% of doctors polled believe it will have an unfavorable effect on their practices, and only 29% say they will participate for sure. Only 11% say they have faith in Obamacare.

Yes they do, WHY? Because they want to keep the tradition alive.

its actually according to the no. Of patients they get per year. It is not so specific.

Actually, there are more jobs than doctors in the US. So it isn't difficult to find one. Most large clinics look for new ones all the time.

Medical care is treatment; the doctors, nurses and technicians who actually treat the patients. "Health care" and "health coverage" generally mean "health insurance"; who PAYS for the medical care. So "health care reform" doesn't mean reforming what the doctors are doing, and "Obamacare" doesn't create doctors. They arrange for the payment of the doctors and hospitals who actually provide medical treatment. In fact, our current systems of "health care" is causing doctors and hospitals to go out of business, because the government systems don't pay enough money for the hospitals to continue to operate. And doctors don't see patients for free.

No HCG diets have no merit per doctors in the field. It can actually cause more harm than good in its client base. Stay away from HCG diets as they are extremely unhealthy.

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