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What do dragons look like?

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There is a great range of different dragons, and no one really knows anyway. I'll give you an example of what one may look like though.

Red with horns all throughout its body, massive, with fourteen inch long steelish claws, and glandy ears that seemed to stretch all around its head...

2010-09-23 08:59:54
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What do Fire Dragons look like?

Fire dragons look red.

What does a komondo dragon look like?

komodo dragons look like this:

What does the south china sea dragon look like?

There are 2 types of sea dragons.1 is a weedy sea dragon,and the other is a leafy sea dragon.Leafy Sea Dragons look like seeweed.WeedY Sea Dragons look like weed.

What did Dragons look like?

Dragons use to look like veloceraptors with tiny, useless, vestigial wings.No extra horns or anything, pretty plain

What do Chinese think about dragons?

Chinese think that dragons are fantasy. They think dragons would look like many animals morphed together.

What does a dragons stomack look like?

Noone really knows.

What do the dragon look like?

There are many different dragons in many different fairy tales. These dragons all look very different based on the story.

What do Dragon look like?

There are many different dragons in many different Fairy Tales. These dragons all look very different based on the story.

Why do flying lizards known as flying dragons?

because lizards look like dragons but without wings or fire

What does a komodo dragons babys look like?

descriiption of A KOMODO dragon

What does a frost dragon look like?

Frost dragons look very much like European dragons, but the crests on their heads are more pronounced and they have webbed feet for swimming after prey such as orcas and leopard seals.

What are Dragons with wings and legs called Eastern or Western Dragons?

If your talking about the big scaly ones that breath fire and look like lizards with gargoyle wings, those are western dragons. Eastern dragons are the ones that look like snakes with the weird heads, that can't breath fire and have no wings, but can still fly. Weird....

Can you describe dragons?

Depends on the type. Eastern dragons have the head of a camel, claws of an eagle, body of a serpent and scales of a carp. Most dragons though look like giant lizards with bat-like wings.

Do komodo dragons have dots?

Yes, their scales look like dots upclose.

What does the name bearded dragons mean?

the bearded part is because they have a beard(made of scales), and the dragon part is because they look like dragons.

What does a air dragon look like?

Air or wind dragons would be slimmer than other dragons, with larger, more powerful wings.

If a dragon can exist then what would it have to be and what would it have to look like?

Dragons have 3 different body structures, a cat, a bird, and most commonly the lizard. That just means that dragons look more like these creatures in their body. Of coarse, most dragons breath fire, but not all of them. Some have wings, some walk like humans... I could go on and on. Dragons are very complicated creatures, with so many details, it's had to imagine what one specific dragon would look like.

Why do dragons look like lizards and not cuddly toys?

Because someone like god made it so and they are still as cute as a cuddly toy even though they are rough and scally! Dragons

Do all bearded dragons like vegetable?

Most Bearded dragons will like veggies but you should look up a care a sheet for them because they can t have any acidic fruits or veggies

Picture of the money yen look like?

well it looks like a coin and has two eagles on it with a dragons fire

What do eastern dragons look like?

typical dragon look, scales, wings, arms, legs, tail, claws etc...

What do the four sisters in dragons of deltora look like?

They themselves look like evil dragon eggs, though their guardians differ greatly between the books.

What do the rarest silly bandz look like?

2-headed dragons, guess who pack, it depends

What do storm dragons look like?

The Storm Dragon is supposedly part of the Chinese Dragon Family, and resembles them.

Why do some people like bearded-dragons?

people like bearded dragons because of thier looks and thier tame.