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What earthquakes feel like will depend on how large the earthquake is. Small earthquakes might just feel like a large vehicle is driving by. Bigger earthquakes feel like floor or ground you are standing on is trembling and shaking.

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You can feel earthquakes hundreds of miles away because of the (vibrations) that flow through the ground .

We cannot feel some earthquakes because they are too deep in the ground. About one million earthquakes occur every year But, we cannot feel them because the rubbing of the rocks was way below the crust.

There are- but the earthquakes that happen are so small that you probably cant even feel them.

i don't feel earthquakes everyday. but since i live in California, we have earthquakes every once and a while.

some are every little so people dont feel it but most of the time its quite big so yes people mostly feel the earthquakes......i should now!

Most people fear earthquakes as they can take lives and tear families apart forever. However, all opinions on earthquakes are different, as some people are interested in earthquakes.

Most earthquakes occur in Russia, due to the size of Russia alone. However, this does not mean that all earthquakes are felt, as most earthquakes are too small to feel.

There are earthquakes almost everyday, some have small magnitudes, you can barely feel them.

They are like earthquakes everywhere else, except you'd be in Kobe.

Earthquakes happen all the time. It's just about whether we feel it or not and how much we feel it. Therefore it's impossible to put a number on it.

No. Rarely there are tiny ones that you can't feel.

There are Earthquakes happening constantly. Some small enough that we don't feel.

The intensity of earthquakes is very high. So it can be felt hundreds of miles away.

Even though you probably don't realize that there are over 100 earthquakes a week around the globe, Earthquakes can vary from small to big. Simply meaning, locations closer to the equator line are affected with larger and much more disastorous Earthquakes. So depending where you live, you wont be able to feel earthquakes, without some kind of crazy science stuff

it will get earthquakes just like any other state.

it depends where the epicenter is and how strong it is

Oklahoma has many earthquakes, usually three or under three on the Richter scale, which means you likely won't feel anything.

Yes, earthquakes are an affect of plate tectonics.

It depends on the power and the location of the epicenter.

you feel the earth shaking or look on the news.

there are practicly millions, but most you can not feel. wowwow

There are many earthquakes everyday, but many of them are very weak that you can't feel about it even you are around.

Seismographs do not predict earthquakes, they detect them as they occur. They are very effective at this, detecting earthquakes that people can't feel.

Extremely few. Most earthquakes happen in the ocean, or too far below the crust for us to feel them, but hundreds happen every week.

There are thousands of earthquakes that happen everyday. However most are not feelable. We only feel strong ones- generally they are greater then 3.5 otherwise we may not notice them. Therefor the strengths of earthquakes vary greatly.

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