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Enzymes reduce the amount of activation energy required to start a chemical reaction.

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Enzymes influence the speed of biochemical reactions, they act as catalysts.

Enzymes act as catalysts for reactions within the body; in other words, they lower the activation energy necessary for reactions to take place.

Enzymes affect the reactions in living cells by changing the....?

Enzymes act as catalysts in living systems.

They act as a catalyst and change the speed of reactions within an organism (helping to maintain homeostasis)

Enzymes are organic molecules that catalyze reactions in living systems.

Enzymes are produced by living cells which catalyse the biochemical reactions.

The function of enzymes in living things is to catalyze (instigate, speed up) chemical reactions.

Enzymes are substances produced by living organisms, which are designed to act as a catalyst in biochemical reactions.

Enzymes are protein molecules, produced by living cells, that function as catalysts of biochemical reactions. Without enzymes, living cells would not be able to perform the chemical reactions needed for their metabolism.

affecting the rate at wich reactions occur.

Becoming part of the product after the reactions occur

Enzymes act as biological catalysts, speeding up various bodily reactions.

Enzymes act as catalysts. They speed up the reaction time.

Enzymes act as catalysts. They speed up the reaction time.

Enzymes are biocatalysts. They are used as catalysts for biochemical reactions in living cells.

because they are catalyzing biochemical reactions inside the living things (cell)

Enzymes act as catalysts. They speed up the reaction time.

These are the chemical reactions occuring in living organisms.

Enzymes lower the activation energy (or free energy of activation for the very scientific) of the chemical reactions they catalyse. The enzymes can make a reaction proceed much more quickly than it otherwise would by astronomical figures, e.g. 109 times! Enzymes don't affect the equilibrium position, but they do affect the rate.

Enzymes are found in all living things - they are the catalysts for most biochemical reactions - so all foods that are living will have enzymes. Once they have been cooked or preserved the enzymes will have denatured and no longer be present.

enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts speeding up reactions, and reduce activation energy. Without enzymes the reactions in the body would be so slow that we would cease to live, and without enzymes cell reactions would require too much energy that our body is not able to provide. (:

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