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The previous boyfriend/girlfriend that they had before, that theyve broken up with

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Q: What do exes mean like boyfriends and girlfriends?
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What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend is cheating on you with girls that he knows and he has had a history with them?

means you been thinking about him cheating, and you're jealous of his exes. Don't fret over it he is with you now and not them, there are reasons why they are exes and not present girlfriends

What lives on k2 and his nothing to do with dogs unless they live on k2 and also nothing to do with best friends girlfriends and boyfriends?

wat the **** does that ****** mean you ****** *******

From friends to more then friends?

i think that person mean that you and someone was best friend then one day both of you desided to take it to another level like becoming girlfriends and boyfriends or maybe lovers

What does it mean when you dream about beating up your ex boyfriends new girlfriends?

it means you have very rude thoughts. please go see counsellor

Why don't boyfriends call their girlfriends?

Some guys actually do call their girlfriends while some don't. Some guys simply don't want to sit on the phone talking to their girlfriend for hours on end. It doesn't necessarily mean that they don't like you, but maybe that they just aren't interested in phone conversations.

Is the movie mean girls a good movie?

It depends on your taste of movies. If you like the types of movies which involve gossip, school life and relationships-either boyfriends and girlfriends or relations between normal friends, then that's the movie for you!

What does it mean when your boyfriends a jerk around his friends?

it means your boyfriends friends want him to act like that and he gave in to peer pressure

What does it mean if you have a dream that you made out with your boyfriends best friend?

It could mean that you would like to.

Why do men talk mean to their girlfriends?

Because they are rubbish boyfriends who don't deserve to be with the woman. Men who are mean to the one they're supposed to love are very controlling and dominant. The girlfriends are twice more likely to be victims of domestic violence. If you're the girlfriend, walk away and find someone who cares about your feelings, not hurts them.

How to let your parents let you grow up?

Well it depends what you mean by grow up. If you mean getting percings,boyfriends/girlfriends they have to trust you. If you get good grades and behave they will most likely let you do more. GOOD LUCK ;D

Who r Justin biebers ex girlfriends?

Don't ya mean boyfriends lol jk. Before he was famous we went out so Taylor willow is one that's me.I got a bonus I'm his neighbor

What does kid cudi internal bleeding song mean?

The "Internal Bleeding" song by Kid Cudi refers to the hurt people feel when they break up with their significant others. This includes marriages, along with boyfriends and girlfriends.

What does breon mean?

my boyfriends name

Can you get your ex back even after you were mean?

It's not impossible. Always remember, exes are exes for a reason. But if there is something good (on both sides!) there is always a chance to get back together.

What does it mean when your boyfriend compares you to his exes?

Okay, i was the writer of this question, and my boyfriend and i were doing something. He then mentioned how i reminded him of his two most recent exes. I was similar to both though, like in between them. Do you know what this means? Like why he mentioned that i reminded him of them and then gave me details of why? (later he told me that he liked me doing the thing that reminded him of them)

Why do boyfriends cheat on girlfirends?

Ok, boyfriends cheat on their girlfriends, a lot. I've been a part of this and I know how this goes down. If your boyfriends goes out with his friends, chances are he'll want tell you he's going out because you probably tell him not to, but anyways he gets with these friends of his and there's always a few girls with a group of guys. Now if there's drinking and a couple of girls andyour boyfriend is around these crazy friends of his, there's a chance that he will cheat on you. I mean come on there's such a small chance they'll get caught. It's late, the girl's probably drunk, and their friends are not going to tell on them. It's as simple as that. Cheating is easy for guys to do. OR For the same reasons girlfriends cheat on boyfriends

What does it mean when you dream about arguing with your boyfriends girl best friend?

maybe you dont like her or maybe it was just a dream

What does it mean when i dream of your boyfriend having two girlfriends?

it's simple you are absolutely normal you just like what other girls like

What does it mean if your girlfriends forgets what her boyfriend looks like?

it means she forgot and i have done that before it really doesnt mean nothing she just forgot!

What does it mean after intercourse your boyfriends said his penis felt like he felt like he was peeing razor blades?

it means you gave him herpies... grow up..

What do you do when your girlfriends pressure you to get a boyfriend?

It is always your privilege to like somebody you want to like, but it doesn't mean your friend can control you to get a boyfriend... Does she have a boyfriend herself???

If wifes and girlfriends is wags What is friends and girlfriends?

Fags. which can also mean cigarettes(p) or a bundle of sticks.

In the X-Men Universe why is it that when Rogue kisses Gambit he doesn't pass out like her other ex-boyfriends?

It depends on which x-verse you mean but often times he does pass out but in others Rogue has mastered her powers

Why are guys mean with girls they like?

They don't know how to act because they get nervous, or they want to seem cool and tough with you.The observation that girls are attracted to "bad boys" seems to inspire similar behavior. But many boys are shocked when their erstwhile girlfriends dump them for being insensitive or crude. Girls are not always going to tolerate everything boyfriends do.

If a boy says your a slut what does that mean?

It means you might of had many different boyfriends in the past which makes him feel like your a one. :D