What do fetal hiccups feel like?

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Fetal hiccups feel like gentle, rhythmic kicking or taps in the same area for a few seconds up to many minutes. The further along a woman gets in her pregnancy the stronger the hiccups become until you can see the belly jump where the hiccups are originating.

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Q: What do fetal hiccups feel like?
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Can you feel fetal hiccups from the outside?

like fetal hiccups?? yes you can feel them and they can be detected with a fetal doppler. but they can not be heard out loud by the naked ear

Can fetal movement feel like thick waves of numbness?

Sort of

How do you know when your about to puke?

Ur stomach flips and you feel like u got the hiccups

What does it feel like when the baby kicks while pregnant?

When you first notice fetal movement, it will feel like a grasshopper on your stomach.

What does fetal movement feel like at 24 weeks?

Squirming, kicking and punching.

Why do lungs in a fetal pig feel spongy?

The lungs in a fetal pig do not feel spongy. They feel soft yet solid, because they have never been inflated.

What else besides pregnancy can feel like fetal movement?

Trying to find that out myself :-) Good luck!

How useful is fetal testing?

not to feel pain

What does it mean if you have an hcg level of 9 but you are about 14.2 weeks pg and feel fetal movement and have pg symptoms. This is not my first pregnancy so I know what fetal movement feels like?

Fetal movement usually happens around 20th week.

Can you feel the babys heartbeat while pregnant?

You cannot feel the actual heartbeat of the baby, but you can feel movements of the baby and LISTEN to the heartbeat. If you can actually 'feel' a heartbeat, chances are it is your own and is just easier to feel on your stomach than usual because it is stretched to accomodate the growing baby. Your baby could also be having hiccups in the womb which is what you could be feeling- my son had them frequently and it would seem like a heartbeat but it's only hiccups (their hearts beat almost twice as fast as our own so you can easily distinguish hiccups from heartbeat)

Why do the lungs of a fetal pig feel spongy?

Since, the fetal pigs weren't actually breed-ed.

What do dog hiccups look like?

you can't see gas so you can't see hiccups.

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