What do firemen refer to as spaghetti?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What do firemen refer to as spaghetti?
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What do firefighters refer to as spaghetti?

Firefighters refer to spaghetti the same as you do, Spaghetti is Spaghetti.

How do you spell spegethie?

The English spelling is spaghetti (which can refer to a specific size or generically to various pasta products).

How long will unopened spaghetti sauce in a jar keep in a refrigerator?

Unopened spaghetti sauce doesn't need to be refrigerated. Refer to the expiration date on the jar.

Who do firemen look up to?

Firemen look up to other firemen -FireFighter18

When did The Firemen happen?

The Firemen happened in 1994.

Spaghetti is technically a collective noun since it refers to a lot of pasta but if you pull out one strand what do you have?

Spaghetti is not a collective noun. The noun 'spaghetti' is a word for a specific type of pasta.If you pull out one strand of spaghetti, you will have one strand of spaghetti.

When was The Firemen created?

The Firemen was created on 1994-09-09.

What is the longest turd ever reported?

7 metres ... it was what some people refer to as "The Spaghetti Sh*t"

What is the duration of The Firemen of Viggiù?

The duration of The Firemen of Viggiù is 1.4 hours.

Who killed the five LynchburgVa firemen in 1883?

Marine Firemen's Union

How do dogs help firemen?

Accelerate dogs help firemen. They can detect a number of flammable substances. This helps the firemen determine the source of fires.

When did Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen end?

Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen ended in 1969.