What do fires need?

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You need The Fire triangle, fuel and heat and oxygen. Without any of these you can't light a fire.

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What do fires need to keep burning?


Explain how carbon dioxide is able to control fires?

Carbon dioxide is able to control fires because it has the ability to put them out. Fires need oxygen to survive.

Why does fires need heat?

Beacuse it is really hot

Why do firefighters need lots of water?

To fight fires

Characteristics forests develop when fires are suppressed?

Forest overgrowth! Forests need fires to thin the upper forest canopy.

Does fire need carbon dioxide to burn?

No. Fire need fuel, oxygen, and heat to burn. Carbon dioxide is a product of most fires and can actually be used to put fires out.

What Qualifications Do I need to work in a water park?

for putting out fires

What do you need to make different color fires?

Colours mate!!

What things do fires need to burn?

In order for combustion, you need a fuel, oxygen, and a source of ignition.

What kind of clothing do firefighters need?

Firefighters need fire retardant clothing when they fight fires.

What two things do fires need to keep going?

Fuel and oxygen

How did fire fighting start?

With the need to reduce the effects of unwanted fires.

Why need car distributor?

It fires the plugs in the cylinders to ignite the mixture.

Can wind and dryness cause a fire?

They can make fires spread faster but on their own they do not create fires. Fires also need some sort of fuel and a something hot enough to start them like a match or lightening.

Why does carbon dioxide kill fires?

Because fires need oxygen to be able to burn. If you replace the oxygen around the fire with carbon dioxide, it will die.

Do firefighter make small fires to help plant and animals that need to survive?

do firefighters make small fires to help plant and animals to survive

In what way can fires be good for the environment?

Well some plants need to be burned so that they can survive and it makes them grow better but most fires are very destructive.

Why do fires need oxygen?

All forms of burning are combining chemicals with oxygen.

Why do you need a fire extinguisher in the kitchen?

Many fires start in the kitchen- cooking.

What types of fires are there?

wild fires, forest fires, ouse fires, cooking fires, etc.I'm pretty sure there are more.

Why are small forest fires used to stop the spread of big forest fires?

Fires need things that are alive in order to burn. If it burns on dead things, not only is it less "alive," but it can run out of fuel and sooner or later burn itself out

Does fire need sun to grow?

No. Since fires are most often built at night it is not reasonable that they need sunlight. However, when you burn wood the energy which makes the fire hot was stored by the tree the wood came from, and this energy came from sunlight. In this sense fires need sun.

How do firefighters help the community?

they help save people from fires, help put out fires, and they go to sites where something bad happens.. like car accidents, fires,heart attacks, strokes, and other events that might need attendance by firefighters.

What Class of fire extinguisher do you need for fires involving combustible metals?

type D

Why do rooms with gas fires need good ventilation?

So the gas can flow evenly

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