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Flowers are sexual structures. Their purpose is to attract pollinators to the plant and guide these pollinators to the nectaries of the plant while at the same time ensuring that as the pollinator arrives any pollen brought by the pollinator is placed on the stamen and before it leaves it is dusted with new pollen from the flower. The flower ensures the plants ovules get fertilized so that the plant can make seeds so that it can reproduce itself.

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What are the kinds of flowers in Iraq?

Flowers, Flowers, And Flowers...

What do you a call a group of flowers?

A bed of flowers, an arrangement of flowers, a spray of flowers, a bouquet of flowers.

What is a collective noun of flowers?

The following are all accepted collective nouns for flowers:a bouquet of flowers.a spray of flowersa patch of flowersa bed of flowersa garden of flowersa bunch of flowersa garland of flowers

What kind of flowers are in the Amazon jungle?

red flowers , blue flowers jungle flowers

What is the difference between plants with flowers an plants without flower?

the plants without flowers HAVE no flowers ! and the plants with flowers DO HAVE flowers :P

How many flowers are in Haiti?

Haiti does not have anyone that counts all the flowers. Hibiscus is common but there are orchids, bird of paradise, orange flowers, lime flowers, lantana, mango flowers, avocado flowers, and coffee flowers. There are over 5,200 different plants but not all have flowers.

What kind of flowers are complete?

The Kinds Of Flowers are Gumamela flowers,

What does flowers have in them?

Flowers have pollen in them. And other things that are inside flowers.

What are traditionallly used as bridal flowers?

Wedding Flowers play an integral part in any wedding, used for both decoration and for tradition. Wedding Flowers - Wedding Ceremony Flowers and Wedding Reception Flowers - set the mood and tone for the day. Flowers used in a wedding can range from natural Cut Flowers, artificial flowers like porcelain bridal flowers, to handmade flowers with Swarovski crystals, and silk flowers.

Do scientist study colored flowers?

well, flowers are flowers, and most flowers are colored, so yeah.

What is called of group of flowers?

It is a bouquet of flowers. A posy or nosegay of flowers is a much smaller bouquet of flowers.

What type of habitat does the butterfly live in?


How do flowers produce their flowers?

Flowers have it with them selves they are he shes DO NOT EDIT OR ELSE!!!

Are plants flowers?

All flowers are plants but not all plants are flowers.

Are flowers a plant?

No, flowers are a parts of a plant. Some plants don't have flowers, but all flowers come from plants.

How do flowers of the monocot differ from the flowers of dicot?

Monocot flowers are generally trimerous whereas dicot flowers are pentamerous.

Ryan picks more than 43 flowers but less than 67 flowers How many flowers could Rayan have?

he could have any amount of flowers between 44 flowers to 66 flowers

How much does it usually cost to buy flowers from Send Flowers UK?

Send Flowers UK sells flowers ranging from 19.99 (in British pounds) to 349.99. The cheapest flowers are single flowers and the most expensive flowers are usually designer bouquets.

How do you use flowers in possessive form?

The possessive form of the plural noun flowers is flowers'.Example sentence: The flowers' prices are very reasonable. (the prices of the flowers)

What collective nouns are used for flowers?

The most commonly used collective nouns for 'flowers' is a bunch of flowers and a bouquet of flowers.

Does a pipal plant have flowers?

yes it does have flowers. Pipal tree does bear flowers

What are Cactus Flowers?

The flowers produced by cactus plants are called cactus flowers

Does the verbascum produce more flowers?

More flowers than what or more flowers when

How are plants different from flowers?

flowers grow on plants not all plants have flowers

Flowers with only male reproductive organs are?

male flowers (incomplete flowers)

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