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The Fennec, which is a fox that lives in arid habitats, preys on rodents, insects, lizards, birds, eggs, and they also eat fruit.

The Red fox preys on carrion, rodents, rabbits, birds, invertebrates, and they eat fruits like the Fennec.

the Bat-eared fox's diet consists mainly of insects (80%) like termites, dung beetles, and sometimes they eat birds.

And arctic foxes mostly just eat lemmings and carcasses that polar bears have left behind.

Just remember that red foxes are very opportunistic feeders and will eat practically anything if it means surviving.
well it is mostly small animals and rodents such as rabbits,mice,and praire dogs
Rabbits , rodents , insects ,
Foxes can eat lots of little animals. Their main targets are rabbits and squirrels.
Normally small rodents, mice, rabbits, ground nesting birds, etc., and chickens.

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Red foxes are both prey and predator.

Foxes catch their prey by stalking them. They then find their prey by doing that. After they find their prey they then starts to chase it till it gets tired and that's how they catch their prey.

Foxes will eat birds, rabbits, small rodents, thus are a predator. However foxes are eaten by people, larger birds, carnivore's, thus they are prey. Answer is "both"

Foxes are predators as they hunt prey animals like mice, rats, and birds.

Red foxes hunt for there prey.

Foxes are rarely used as prey for birds of prey. Only an eagle could take down an adult fox.

Bunnies are prey - to eagles, foxes and snakes.

do red foxes have predators or prey

humans are their main predator and they are an omnivoreFoxes are predators.

They pounce on their prey.

Yes, a rabbit is prey because it is eaten by other animals such as foxes

Fennecs are both predator as well as prey.

yes foxes are color blind they can see but can only sniff out their prey

Foxes kill mice, rats, hares, rabbits, and sometimes birds.

For locating their prey by sound.

foxes and other birds of prey

with there teeth and digestive system

cats, foxes and birds of prey

They bite them until they die.

cause their prey lives there

Foxes like to stalk their prey and then pounce on them to kill. They then take their prey far away to eat.

Foxes teeth are sharp allowing them to tear the fur and meat off their prey.

Red foxes have sharp claws because they use them to kill prey

Since foxes often prey on raccoons, it is doubtful there is any animal that eats foxes that could be eaten by a raccoon.

A wolf or eagle would prey on a fox because foxes are small.

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