What do french people eat on the go?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What do french people eat on the go?
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What french people love to eat?

ALL French people love to eat.

Do people like french eat snails?

Yes french people eat snails

What do french people eat croissants with?

French people usually eat croissants with butter.

What fruit do french people eat?

French people eat the same fruit as everyone else.

What do French people eat for desert?

French ppl eat deserts

What types of bread do US people eat usually what types of bread do french people eat what types of bread do Africain people eat?

I only know that French people eat french bread and croissants ..... that's it.

Do French people eat grapes?

Yes French people eat grapes, for dessert as other fruits.

Do French people eat snakes?

No, French people don't eat snakes. They would balk at the idea.

What does London England eat?

French People hahahahahah french people

What do French French people love to eat?

french people love to eat frog legs yes people love to eat frogs legs also horse snails and lots of other things.

What do french people eat for hollo?

They eat food.

What do french people like to eat for french?

French people often like to eat beans and sausages for breakfast. Sometimes they eat squirrels or frogs. But that's only on special occasions.