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They wear the same cloathes as in the rest of occidental countries.

No uniform is used in french schools.

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Do french kids wear school uniform?

some of them probably do...

What do French kids wear?

Pretty much what kids wear everywhere else in the world.... school uniforms, and whatever clothing is currently in style.

What do Russian kids wear to school?

they wear forms to school They wear uniforms but they wear them as the color as there flag...

Do the french wear school uniform?


What type of shoes do french women wear?

the french wear like pumps for school, or flats

Do kids who wear school uniforms get teased kids who don't?


Do kids wear school uniform in France?

No Children do not wear uniform to school in France but some school maybe wear school uniform and some won't ask them to wear school uniform it depends on which school

What do kids in France wear to school?


Do the kids in France wear uniforms to school?


What do Iran kids have to wear in school?

they were suits

Do the kids in Argentina have to wear school uniforms?


You have heard that french kids does not go to school Wednesdays - is that true?

yes its true french kids dont go to school on wednesdays

What time do french kids come home from school?

It depends how far are the kids from their schools. Generally, french kids takes 20 / 30 minuts to come hom from their school

What do kids in the Czech Republic wear to school?

regular school uniforms

What uniform do french children wear for education?

I'm french and I go to french school and I don't have to wear a uniform. But some schools have them. I guess it depends what school u go to.

What percent of kids wear uniforms to school?

50 percent of kids were uniforms.

Why do french kids not wear uniform?

cuz they dont want to

How long do kids in France go to school?

kids in French go to school 301 days a year

Do French people wear school uniform?

no they do not because when i visited France they did not wear a school uniform.They are different.

Do kids in Egypt wear uniforms in school?

yupp we do :)

Do German kids wear school uniform?

manly no

Do Romania kids have to wear a school uniform?

Today no.

Is there a certain hairstyle you have to wear at a french school?

No, there are no hairstyles that you have to wear in French schools. But students tend to follow fashion.

Why do school make kids wear school uniform?

because its a self of respect

What do kids wear to school in ParisFrance?

they wear towels and shaws. then boys wear flip flops too.